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About Finding my master

◎ Game Introduction
Pet, Who lost his owner Luna in war with monsters. Lesser.
She lives in a town who lost their master, she becomes post office to find Luna in Pet town.
Will her ever see Luna again?

Starting my first as a post office, you can decide how to delivery the mail that is about information contained in mail and through your character's lines from the characters.

When the time limit ends, the post office closes, and the afternoon begins!
In the afternoon, you can decorate your home or Lesser with items you bought at the store, and meet many friends.
If you help your friends who their have each story and And get along friendships with them, maybe someday they will help you?

★Sort out your mail by referring to the more and more conditions!
Challenge yourself to the level of a total of 109 stages.

★ Hard at work is In the morning and about in the afternoon? Let’s Play!
As a post office, if you're done with your work, you can go around Pet town.
Go to Shopping or meet with my friend!

★ Let's listen to many animal friends!
There are many friends all over Pet town who need the help of Lesser.
Shall you help our friends and listen to their stories?

★ Make it personality overflow with costumes, letters, and furniture!
Decorate your house, post office, and Lesser with a variety of items you buy at a store or get from an event.

★ Friend, it's my heart!
These days, I don't send letters with my hands! Write down your mind on a hand-picked letterhead and send it to your friend with a picture of your house.

★Game in the game, Enjoy the mini-game.
I enjoy a mini game that I can play with just one button When I wait for a bus or subway.

* This game requires a network connection!!
* If the app ends immediately after the game starts, please check the Wifi/data connection.

contact : [email protected]
Privacy Policy :

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캐릭터들도 귀엽고 스토리도 몰입감 있는 게임. 다만 맨 끝 레벨까지 클리어하고 나면 스토리 진행 및 코인 수집 노가다를 돌리는 것 같은 듯한 느낌이 없지 않아 있는 것 같아 아쉽네요 그래도 이건 업데이트가 떠주면 해결될 듯! 전반적으로 굿겜입니다. (아 그리고 시스템 BACK키로도 뒤로 가기할 수 있으면 좋겠네요..!)
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