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Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts. Screenshot 0
Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts. Screenshot 1
Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts. Screenshot 2
Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts. Screenshot 3

About Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts.

More than 2800 grids of the best puzzle-game available. More addictive than Sudoku, with even simpler rules. For hours of play, whether you are a beginner, or an expert at Kakuro.
Kakuro (also called Kakkuro, kakro, cross sums or カックロ), is a logic game that consists of filling in a grid of numbers, in the same way as a crossword puzzle. If you enjoyed Sudoku logic, you'll love Kakuro's puzzles

As with Sudoku, the rules of Kakuro are simple and can be learned in a few minutes. All you need to do is make simple additions to put your logic to the test.
Kakuro Plus offers 11 different game levels and 200 puzzles per level: It will probably take you more than a couple of hundred hours, and a lot of logic to get these 2200 puzzles finished.

As with Sudoku or crosswords, each puzzle has a unique solution. It is up to you to find it using your logic and perspicacity.

This version of Kakuro ++ allows you :
• To access all the 2200 Kakuro puzzles.
• To begin and progress, some puzzles have been specially designed for beginners. Their small size and difficulty levels is suitable for first-time players.
• To access grids of any level. The 11 game levels provide a smooth progression, from beginner to logic expert.
• Annotate the table, to record assumptions and move forward in complicated cases.
• To go back: there is a "UNDO" button to cancel up to 100 actions. Don't be afraid to test your assumptions anymore.
• To enjoy high definition graphics for maximum readability.

If you get addicted to this game, you can add new puzzles of different levels.

This version of Kakuro ++ adds unique features:
• An automatic deletion of unnecessary assumptions, when one of them is no longer logical.
• A help system, which offers you several possibilities:
• Check if your grid has errors, without showing them to you. This allows you to remove a doubt, without providing you with the solution.
• Show you where the mistakes are.
• Give you a hint, which will allow you to move forward in difficult cases.
• A visualization of all possible combinations of a clue. A color set shows you the possible logical values.

The Kakuro rules:
• Your goal is to fill in the grid with numbers from 1 to 9 like a crossword puzzle.
• The clues tell you the amount to be reached in each group of horizontal or vertical boxes.
• As with Sudoku or crosswords, you will win when the game board is fully filled, without any mistakes.

Feel free to send me your comments (via the app) so that future versions will be even more attractive.

Good Kakuro to all of you!

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Keep up the good work!
Kenneth Goh
An app thats worth spending a bit of money on. Fun, challenging, and not costly. Win win.
Angela Young
It is realy amazing are so less and uptional
Fariba R