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About Wandr. - Stress, Anxiety & Panic Relief

*Important: Wandr. requires at least 4GB of RAM to run its best *

When life gets busy and overwhelming, turn to your Wandr. app to calm your breathing and dissolve worrying thoughts to feel noticeable relief from stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

It’s the virtual nature escape in your pocket when you need it the most.

This completely unique virtual nature walk app transports users to peaceful locations to properly relax, help calm the mind and provide immediate help during panic/anxiety attacks.

Best suited for those who;

• Suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and mental over-stimulation
• By nature struggle to actually ‘relax’ or don’t know how to
• Need help calming the mind quickly for sleep
• Are affected by city living or work stress
• Find themselves restricted in going outside for any reason

“I find it hard to relax and felt extremely relaxed after using the app. Nice way to wind down after a busy day before bed. Forest feels like home, can almost smell the trees 🙂” Iain - Anxiety, Work Stress, Restricted Movement.

“It's great! I really enjoyed the night beach scene. I've had a stressful day and I found it to be very relaxing. I thought the sound of the crackling fire was brilliant, very authentic. Helped calm my busy mind to get to sleep. Thank you“ Diane – Anxiety, Busy Mind.

“Very relaxing. I struggle to get to sleep at night and have stress from energetic kids. I felt noticeably more relaxed after using the app. Also loved chasing the animals, went for a swim - very enjoyable.” Luke – Busy parent, Insomnia.

“I really loved them all (scenes) but the Waterfall scenery would have to be my favourite. Climbing up the rocks to the waterfall seemed like I was truly exploring somewhere different. Then to hear the water get louder as I approached was soothing and calming. The sky's pink tones were also beautiful to gaze at.” Amanda - Anxiety.

Features Include:

5 Different Nature Scenes

Breathe Tool

Relaxation Music

Customisable Nature Sounds

Guided Muscle Relaxation Audio

Sleep Sounds

Positive Affirmations to self-soothe during an anxiety or panic attack.

Free Options that are actually helpful!

Professional Healthcare Resources


Become calm. Feel properly relaxed. Regain control. Anywhere, anytime.

Beyond taking a short walk in a relaxing environment, there are no objectives within a scene.

Casually explore the surrounds taking it all in, or just find a view that calms you and sit and stare - like you would if you really were sitting alone on a secluded island beach.

Take your time. There’s no rush to the next level or time limit to the finish line. Nothing is chasing you and there’s nothing you need to achieve. Just enjoy where the escape takes you.

Try it now for free!

Panic/Anxiety Attack Suffers: We recommend you download it and get to know the app now so you can have it ready to help you during your next attack.

“Made for others like us who need easy tools to help manage our anxiety and panic attacks living a busy city life.” @wandr.relief

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