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About Rainy attic room

When the game was translated, it was translated rather liberally.
So if you find the wrong sentence or typo, please send us e-mail.

E-mail : [email protected]


▶Game Introduction ◀

Here is rainy 365 days a year.

One day, you came to the attic.
Talk to your depressed friend who lives alone.

Please watch the gradually changing room with all heart and water.

It is hard for everyone to get close right away

But if you take it easy and get close slowly,
Someday, you may see a different side by opening your mind.

▶How to be a friend◀

1. Listening to his/her story

2. Decorating a room with various furniture

3. Cleaning up spider webs, dust, and others that mess up the room.

Please check the rest in the game.


1. This game is fiction and has nothing to do with reality.
Therefore, you must not follow unrealistic or strange content in the game.

2. We don't recommend changing the time of your phone to play.


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Phone number : +82 10-4882-6924

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If you want to know what its like to help someone out of depression this is the game for you. The steps are small and almost seem to go backwards but slowly he opens up and gets happier.
Richard Sheppard
Okay so I don't usually write reviews for games but I really really love this game... I think people who suffer from anxiety, depression or any kind of mental illness, they would be able to relate to this sm...
The Chill Girl
It was fun
PresidentL E