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Body Temperature Fever : Thermometer Records Diary Screenshot 1
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About Body Temperature Fever : Thermometer Records Diary

fever tracking application is the application to maintain the entered records by user. Current situation has got people into trouble which helps the user to keep the track record of the entered values. This application is the best developed application in terms fever records tracking. This application is designed for the convenience for the users. Launch this application and enter the values and save the values this application will automatically update the records. The application will view the records entered by the user, view the records and view the summary of the entered records with custom tags and notes. This application is used to generate graphs statistical analysis and reports on the basis of entered reports. This application has info and guidelines section which helps the user to get updated accordingly, calculate BMI by creating profile.

The user profile will keep the track of age height and weight of the user. Use the records to get yourself treated in much better way as the user can share the reports and records with your doctor. One can check their temperature on daily basis and can keep the record of their report. And the best part is you will get your report on the spot and can save it. You can track multiple people’s temperature separately by this app. The app supports multiple users. If necessary tracked information can be sent to your doctor or shared with family members as image or text. Celsius and Fahrenheit units supported. The Doctor gets to see the temperature chart for visualizing the improvement of the patient’s fever. Having an accurate message about the patient in turn leads to better diagnosis and treatment. Log the temperature with time, test position, symptoms, taken medicines and other note text. This app is created to provide you a great diary for your body temperature and pulse and does not measure your body temperature and pulse. This application keeps the record of your maximum and minimum temperature to have a healthy and better life. You can automatically generate the diagrams and the graph of your body temperature history.

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