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About block folding origami

Have long heard of modular origami or 3D origami techniques, but have never tried it. If in Japan this technique is known as 'Block Folding Origami'. Technically, the origami modular is origami consisting of several folds of paper (module) in the same form and simple.

These modules are then organized into specific object shapes, such as flower vases, animals, lampshades, and so on. To set it we do not need glue, because the more modules are arranged, the stronger the arrangement.

This time, I will share my experience of trying origami modular techniques for the first time.

Be creative with modular origami in addition to challenging and recycling papers that accumulate in the office. Just imagine, a sheet of A4 paper can be used as 16 modules. So to make a small vase (216 modules) it takes about 13-14 sheets of A4 paper.

So if the corner of your room or office lots of piling paper (the former of course), immediately cut into pieces and make thousands of modules.