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About Ruster WarDate

Welcome to the best place for Rusted Warfare.

• All the Mods and Maps created by the active community of the game at your disposal.

• It is a very useful app for Modders and Mappers who are looking for all the content.

• You can chat with several fans in the world.

• Problems, the WarDate team will be pleased to help you. (Yes it is
about "Not knowing how to activate the mods or maps", you are kindly requested to see the introductory videos in the "Media" section)

• You want your creations to be public, send it to us through the Uploads section to be able to review and publish it. (The moderator needs to filter the files that are uploaded to the network, this would take about 24 hours)

• It is necessary that the version of the game is updated, including beta versions since the mods and maps are updated and use the latest modulation and mapping news.

• The mods and maps are not compatible with the DEMO version of the game.

thanks to create A mode
Jadznier Jamang
It's great and absolutely useful.finally I could solve my problem by using vpn. It is realy the best place for rusted warfare. I appreciate you because of it. The only minor problem is that some time when I ...
Hossein Navaei
It is great it has been fixed... More addons and maps for 8p and 10p needed... Thanks a lot
Natin Tioti