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About Swedish Fairy Tales

Audio Book app for kids with the most famous stories, Fairy tales for kids, free audio books in Swedish, to make your child dream with open eyes. The Stories for kids app have english subtitle.
You and your child will be able to easy listen to the audio stories of over 100 fairy tales and also you will be able to watch a video story of each for free.

We spent a lot of time to develop the best audio book for kids app, to helps them learning core skills of listening, that are so necessary for every child in today’s modern world.

Listen to your favourite fairy tales, free audio books in Swedish , very easy to use.
Also this app will let you watch the most famous Video Fairy tales for kids, listen free books for free with audio and video.
If you don't have time to read a book, just hit and play Children Fairytale Stories.

Help your child to fall asleap faster then ever, Audio books free app for kids, the best synthesis story for childrens.

Audio children's bedtime stories for free, stories for kids with audio and video in Swedish , will take your child to the dream land.

The audio stories are in Swedish with english subtitle so this Bedtime Stories for Kids Audiobook will help your child learn english from infancy ages.

Sweden fairy tales for kids collection different types of stories:
- Children's Bedtime Stories
- Moral Stories for Kids
- Inspirational Stories for Kids, Audio Stories, audio books free for kids.

There are many benefits to listening to literature and here are some:
- Audio books develop listening skills and quiet concentration.
- Help you understand complex language.
- A skilled narrator brings out humour with expert timing and tone.
- Teach you how to hold people’s attention when telling a story which is an important skill for life.
- If English is not your first language, you will benefit from hearing clear pronunciation and native speech patterns.
- Everyone can use their own imaginations to make the pictures that appear in those stories, so you increase your imagination and visualisation.

Enjoy the best Sweden Video Fairy tales with Stories for kids with audio and video.

Stories for kids with audio and video in Swedish will help you child fall asleep fast as never before.

Bedtime Stories for Kids Audiobook, Swedish Berättelser för barn fairy tales for kids, is a free app, do not forget to support our app and leave us a nice review!

Notice you will need internet connection to be able to listen and/or watch the fairy tales. This app is a free app and we need your support by rating this app if you liked it. Please share with us your thoughts and enjoy the best and famous fairy tales for kids, classic fairy tales for kids, audio books free app for kids.