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About Idle Kingdom Story: Medieval Tycoon Clicker

🏆A brand new medieval idle clicker tycoon game – city builder! Beautiful graphics, gorgeous animations, a simple interface! Earn coins, get crystals and diamonds in the idle mine, invite heroes, residents, miner, craft monuments, collect and merge cards in Idle Kingdom Story: medieval tycoon clicker game.🏆
Business game - build your town and become the richest medieval businessman in idle royal world! Experience the medieval life of a real king and rule your city and its heroes.
There is an idle mine and miner with unique currency, which means that donation is not required!
Invest earned coins and earn even more to buy more unique buildings and heroes.
It’s not necessary to play all the time, everything works without you - offline, just come and collect income.
Here you will find everything you need to pass the time funny:
✔️ Build king’s city and develop the kingdom.
✔️ Upgrade buildings to increase profit.
✔️ Buy mine that brings unique currency and earn it in the same way as simple coins.
✔️ Everything works and brings income, even when you don’t play.
✔️ Offline game – Internet is needed only for start connection.
✔️ Buy more than 60 different citizens with their completely unique skills, stories and voices. This is the best city building tycoon!
✔️ Clicker game – click on the large coin, upgrade it for more profits.
✔️ Increase profits, raising the level of characters.
✔️ More than 10 000 quests with rewards.
✔️ Collect reward chests.
✔️ Collect cards with an income multiplier, combine them to get more powerful cards.
✔️ Different weather options: sun, snow, rain.
✔️ Messages interception from other kingdoms.
✔️ Create your own strategy to earn money, learn how to buy the right residents for maximum benefit. Become medieval star king!
✔️ ... and much more interesting things.
We are very grateful you are play our game. Take part in the development: if you have some interesting ideas, contact us: [email protected]

It's a surprisingly great game. There are no forced ads and the in app purchases look to be fair. It's easy to progress not having to wait a day to make enough money to buy upgrades. I like that I can click ...
Brittany Johnson
Game gets pretty difficult after rank 8 the amount needed is pretty high, bought some stuff today to support you :)
matthew barker
Such a fun idle game to pass the time
Julie Smith