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About Turkish Grandma Recipes – All Turkish Food Recipes

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Our new app offering cheap, easy to make and delicious Turkish Food. You can also use our app to suprise your guest or break the routine of your life. We are offering more than 100 traditional food range from aegan, mediterrean, to black sea cuisine. 🥩🌯
You don’t have to worry about ''What should i cook today?''. The Turkish food recipes is a great way to store food recipe. 🍱

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With our app,you can easily find whatever you want. Including anatolian arabic mediterrean aegean and greek cuisine.🌯
For now, our app consist of 7 category. Soups, meat , legumes, dolma and sarma and lastly salads recipes. More than 110 region. Most importantly, we are updating it as fast as possible. Adana kebab, urfa kebab, turkish food, shis kebab and doner recipes! From turkish cuisine rice, lentil ezogelin(exogenous), kellepaca and tarhana soups. From arabic cuisine cag kebab, sultan kebab and many more! You can find all halal recipes and muslim food recipes in our App🍖🍗🥩

Since anatolia has stepical climate( in the middle parts not mediterrean black sea or aegan part) its not easy to find cows and such. Turkish Food Recipes have a benefit for both exercise diet and vegetarian and vegan diet.
People obtainin protein and low carb diets from plants and such. And it is very healthy for human life. Because we are not adopted to digest meat and fat. So you can taste different appetizer from Turkish Cuisine.
Our App is suitable for vegan diets and vegatarian diets. Since we need protein, many vegans and vegatarians can use our App for protein and balanced diet. Being vegan is not limited only eating soy bean. You can find more options in Turkish Cuisine🌶️🥒🥬🍉

Since anatolia is a center for pretty much every historical culture you can find the affects of other cultures in turkish cuisine. Lots of Halal Recipes are here.

You can find a lot of easy to cook food in our App. Best salad and soup is here to lose weight and get in shape.🥕🥒

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