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About TSQ HoursTracker: Keep work log, create timesheet

TSQ Work Hours Tracker helps you track your work time and easily keep a work log. Simple, straightforward and organized.

The perfect work hours tracker and time clock for self-employed, freelancers, contractors, hourly workers and employees. Calculate your earnings, invoice or next pay stub.

Tracked work hours can be exported as an Excel time-sheet, submitted to payroll or used to draft your invoices.

Time Squared is not a free service. The free download allows a limited number of time entries to be tracked as part of a free trial.

Key Benefits:
• Stay organized by keeping track of work hours and seeing reports by pay period, week or month
• Earn your full due, by easily keeping track of daily and overtime hours and pay
• Reduce the clutter and hassle in your life with a simple one-click time calculator
• View how long you've been working at a glance with notification widget
• Mark your records as "paid" when you receive a payment

How it works:
You can use the app in two ways:
• Punch in when you start the workday and punch out when your work is finished. You can also track any breaks you take during this period.
• Simply add a new time entry. Define the start and end and you're good to go.

Your work log hours are saved to your account and backed up to the cloud. This data is simply for your timesheet reference and not used by us for any other purpose.

Ideal work hour tracker for people that work with multiple clients or jobs, e.g: trades professionals, contractors, accountants, lawyers, self-employed, construction...

• Flexible work hours tracker; time calculator for single or multiple jobs

When generating a time-sheet you can decide to export data for a specific project/job and a mixture of time periods: current workday, week, or pay period. Giving you the flexibility to export the work hours you want.

The generated file will include all information. It will also include times in decimal format.

• Save time and reuse information

Information like clients, projects and hourly rates are saved and re-used automatically. Keeping your work log up to date has never been so easy.

• View earnings:
- by month, week, workday, custom pay period (e.g: bi-weekly)
- as time-sheet for individual project
Daily and weekly overtime work hours and rates are tracked and applied automatically. Set up when overtime kicks in via the settings.

• Sharable time-sheet

You can share your work log as an attachment. Email it, text or use a messaging app. You can also simply keep it as a spreadsheet file, used with Excel, Sheets or OpenOffice.

If you have Google Drive, Dropbox or similar apps installed on your phone, you can save your time-sheet straight to these services.

• Safe backup with cloud sync

Your work log information is all automatically synced to the cloud, so you can work and get paid worry free!
Using your hour tracker for work but suddenly have to restart your phone? or run out of power? No problem! The timer will keep on running and you won't lose your work log no matter what!

• Who is work hours tracker for?

Our hour tracker is for contractors, business owners, self-employed, hourly employees and freelancers, anyone who would need to track work hours using a work time clock app.

Hours Tracker is made by Time Squared co. Send us your feedback!

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