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About TheLivingPoster

TheLivingPoster App allows you to scan TheLivingPoster you have received and lets you bring it to life. It unlocks your personal video experience and makes you relive your most beautiful memories.

How it works:
1) Enable all permissions in the TheLivingPoster App.
2) Open TheLivingPoster App and hold your phone over the Poster so all of it is visible.
3) Now press the round "scan button" in the middle of the lower screen
4) Bring your Poster to life. As soon as the app recognizes your Poster, your video moment is loaded and will play automatically. You can now release the "scan button".

Please note that only Posters designed and ordered on can be brought to life with TheLivingPoster App.

You don’t have a LivingPoster yet? Design yours now at:

How to create a new LivingPoster:
TheLivingPoster Editor at allows you to create your own personal LivingPoster. Create a 100% customizable LivingPoster and bring unforgettable memories to life with your phone. Show your loved ones how much they really mean to you.

1. Design Your Poster
Choose your poster size, add a photo of your special moment and choose a personal text for your poster.

2. Create Your Video Experience
Add a finished video, such as a personal video message, or upload a selection of photos from which we will create a photo slideshow for you. Add your favourite background music and choose a matching frame if you want!

3. Bring Your LivingPoster to life!
As soon as your LivingPoster has arrived, you can scan it with our app on your phone and experience your unique video moment alone or together with your loved ones.

For more information concerning our product go to:

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