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About Rooam: Pay From Your Phone

Exchanging cash and credit cards to pay your tab or restaurant bill is so 2019. Rooam is a contactless payment solution allowing you to open, view and pay your tab directly from your phone. Simply put, less time waiting in line, or waiting for your server, means more time enjoying your night out!

How it works:
1. Download Rooam and create your account
2. Select your location
3. Press "Open Tab." Your tab is now open at the bar or restaurant. Order with the bartender or server, and say you're using Rooam. You'll see a live update of each item you order on the app. Once you're ready to go, select your tip and press "Close Tab." That's it! Your bills paid.

Paying with Rooam is simple:
• Select your tip with one tap
• Connect Google Pay in seconds
• View your order history and itemized receipts at any time

Why people love it:
• Rooam is trusted by music venues, bars, & restaurants you know and love.
• Refer your friends and get $5 off your next tab
• 24/7 customer support available right inside the app.
• Forgot to close your tab? No worries, just open the Rooam app and close it from your home. No need to go back.

Why businesses love it:
• Highest level of PCI Compliance.
• Bartenders are fast, but counting cash and running cards is not. Let your staff focus on what they do best, serving drinks, and entertaining guests.

Interested in accepting Rooam at your location? Please email us [email protected] with your contact information or head to for more details.

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Have a question? Send us feedback: [email protected]

Very easy and efficient
Joseph Fischer
Very helpful for drinking and dining establishments. It needs to be adopted by more places!
Bruno LeMieux-Ruibal
Saw a show at the Anthem recently and had a chance to use the app. Awesome experience!
Michael Rosen