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About QuickSell: WhatsApp Digital Cataloguing and Sales

QuickSell's Catalogue (catalog) Maker helps you make beautiful product catalogues (catalogs) on your phone on the go and share it with your buyers within minutes. QuickSell supports sharing on all digital media such as Whatsapp, WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Email and 100s of other similar platforms

📜 Catalogue Maker
Just choose the products you want to share from your phone gallery, camera or existing products, give a nice title and your new catalogue is instantly ready. Go ahead and impress your buyers.

📧 Share on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, SMS, Email, Facebook and 100s of other digital platforms
Rapidly share your catalogues as a link on WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS. Boost your sales dramatically!

📦 Inventory Management
Keep your product inventory up to date and ready to be shared, from anywhere and anytime. Be the first one to reach out to the buyers!

📞 Find out interested buyers and when to follow up
QuickSell's powerful customer analytics suite provides you with in-depth access into how customers are interacting with your catalogues. Now you can always be on the top of your business!

📈 Find out popular products and forecast demand
Find out what products are a hit with buyers and stock up for a bumper sale!

💻 Upload your products on QuickSell's Desktop version
QuickSell's Desktop version allows your team to bulk upload products via Excel and manage order management and dispatch efficiently

🔒 Privacy Module
Never worry about your product information being misused by anyone. Using QuickSell's Privacy Module you can ensure that your catalogues never fall in the wrong hands. Block competitors and customers from seeing your catalogues and keep your products private to only certain customers.

ℹ️Sales team management
Empower your entire sales team with latest inventory and product information and save time and errors by keeping everyone on the same page.

🤝Multiple sharing modes

Share your products as a link, images, PDF or Brochure

Why we need permissions we ask for:
:◼️: Camera: to take photographs of your products and include them in catalogues
:◼️: Storage: to pick up images of your products from your phone gallery or file manager
:◼️: Contacts: to easily share your catalogues with your contacts
:◼️: Phone: to quickly start a call with an interested buyer from the app

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Easy to use. I wish it was free though.
Suchen Chin
Its a great app plz can u upgrade mine nd convert into in full version
Mustafa kangsawala
This app awesome 👌 to good aap to sell prodects
world best videos
It's awesome since the end of this COVID-19 I've been able to get to feet again
Dr king
Good application and simple to use i hope to make a change in my business
Saleh Zakaria
adnan reayat