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About Pocketcoach - Anxiety Helper

Self help for anxiety, stress and panic based on CBT, mindfulness and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Do you struggle with some of your negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions? Are you looking for ways to improve your emotional well-being? Pocketcoach is your personal digital coach in your pocket who supports you in times of anxiety and stress.

Learn coping skills for anxiety in just a few minutes a day with Pocketcoach. Lesson by lesson and exercise by exercise, you learn to handle anxious feelings, stress and panic attacks. They are all designed to support you in difficult moments.

Download Pocketcoach to have your own digital coach on your phone in your pocket. 📱

👋 About Pocketcoach 👋

Pocketcoach is a digital coach for more happiness and less stress. When you feel anxious, about to have a panic attack, have trouble sleeping or feel restless, Pocketcoach offers scientifically validated techniques and self-help programs. Just download the Pocketcoach app for free and step by step, you learn how to be more resilient and less stressed.

○ Learn to let go of negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions

○ Go through many chapters, lessons and exercises that build coping skills

○ Understand the psychology behind your anxiety

○ Get a large library of exercises based on cognitive behavioral therapy

○ Learn to use mindfulness to tackle stress and anxiety

🙌 What areas does Pocketcoach cover 😊

Each course has a large series of lessons and exercises designed to help you build coping skills and resilience in different areas of your life. Learn techniques to control how you breathe, deal with feelings of anxiety, get some relief when you’re experiencing panic or when you’re being hard on yourself.

○ Mindfulness for anxiety

○ Self compassion

○ Dealing with unpleasant thoughts and worries

○ Handling social anxiety

○ Relaxation / Learning to relax

○ Creating real happiness with the science of happiness

Pocketcoach is free to download and use. And there are no ads. A subset of the programs and features are free forever. Subscribe to Pocketcoach Plus to get access to the all courses, exercises and meditations.

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What a great app! It actualy helped me to work with myself.
iacob sebastian
I do a course every night before I go to bed and it's a nice way to wind down and focus on my thoughts and reflect on current and past events. I really recommend this app to anyone who doesn't have a therapi...
Angel Faith
It helped a lot and I would really recomend it, it dies gave a premium subscription but even without buying it, it had helped me a lot.
Minecraft Phoebe