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About uSound for Samsung - Hearing test

uSound for Samsung is a partnership between uSound and Samsung to develop a mobile application that allows you to perform an estimated hearing test and find out your risk of hearing loss for FREE.

The application is free to download and only requires a headset to perform the test. It also provides the possibility to consult with a hearing health professional.

For consultations or more information you can access

uSound for Samsung features

The application consists of a free, estimated hearing test that takes only a few minutes. It can be used with conventional headphones and with most of the Smartphones on the market. The sound quality is subject to the type of audio processor of each cell phone. If you have any questions regarding your device, please send us an email to [email protected]

After performing the estimation test, the user receives the result that can be compared with a hearing health professional directly from the application itself, since we ALWAYS recommend visiting and consulting with a registered hearing health professional, either privately or from the application.

Recommendations for use:

We recommend that you perform the hearing test in a quiet place. It is likely that the first time you take the test you will hear new sounds, so in a normal process your ear will need to adapt. In some cases, we recommend that you take the test twice to verify the results.

At uSound we believe that consultation with a licensed hearing health care professional is very important, so we ALWAYS recommend contacting one of the network of professionals in the app, or privately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What is hearing loss?

It is the partial or total hearing loss in one or both ears.

I have my results, what do I do now ?

Once you have your results, you can consult a professional directly from the app to check them, or to make a particular query of your interest.

For cases that demonstrate some risk of hearing loss, uSound launched a campaign so that these moments of staying at home are ones of companionship, union and connection with our loved ones. Now uSound Hearing Assistant is completely free. Find the #ListenAtHome app and reconnect with that person you love.

Learn more at


-The uSound for Samsung application allows you to get a quick estimate of your hearing level. It does NOT replace medical audiometry.

-We work together with medical teams and licensed hearing health professionals to ensure that we provide the best quality of service and experience for you.

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Useful for me
Oakkar Aung
The best app.It has helped me a lot when doing hear testing.I LOVE IT:-)
Δημήτρης Μπατσελλάρις
Very good
John Alferez