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About Inker

Inker is a vector graphics editor designed to simplify sketch inking, logotype, comics, tribal or any other digital drawing. Images created with Inker can be exported to SVG and EPS and used anywhere in the web or imported into popular desktop graphics editors for creating AI or CDR files.
You are recommended to use a stylus and a tablet with screen size comfortable for drawing (at least 7''). If you feel uncomfortable with your device, try the desktop app version.

UPDATE August 28, 2020:
- Dear users. I'm very much sorry for the problems with opening saved files. First of all, please check that your file has "*.ink" extension, not "*.ink (1)". Second problem is, that when file is saved, it doesn't clean the previous content, which in rare cases results in broken JSON (when the new saved file content is smaller than previous). As a quick workaround, please use this utility to fix a broken file

Unfortunately I cannot publish an update in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Dear Android 4.4 users, you will not be able to export PNG. Update your OS up to Android 5.0 or newer. As a workaround open your INK drawing in web or desktop app version and export there.

- Dear MIUI (Xiaomi) users, your OS has some problems with saving files. Go to Settings - Installed apps - Documents - Enable.

- Try to save and open files before starting a serious project, there can be a device-specific problem when saving a file.

- Cannot draw anything? Finish color setup or click Undo and then Redo.

- You can import SVG shapes like paths, circles etc., but you cannot import clip-paths, masks, filters etc. Do not import large files.

- For setting a stroke color: select a shape, then tap and hold a color.

- Drawing a hole: join two shapes with different direction (clockwise vs anticlockwise).

Good luck!

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Have you ever dreamed to paint pictures like nobody else?

Best Inkscape or Corel alternative, too glitchy. I would save a drawing and it wouldn't reopen. Crashed my tablet. Very disappointed with this purchase. If it were reliable I would go back to it in a second....
Allen MacMillan
Love the jitter feature
uti nilam sari
Wow amazing♥♥♥✌
wishva dinesha