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About Hum App

Using this app one can store, access, manage and share documents, presentations and multimedia digital assets on a Showcase hosted on a HumSafar.
The HUM Showcase is an intelligent portable electronic showcase. This self-organizing Showcase, is a labour saving appliance which can make the magical difference in organizing the precious multimedia items in each home. Now users can throw the scattered items from their existing devices and watch them getting organized in the Showcase. Hum Showcase has a built-in WIFI hotspot for allowing simultaneous browsing through WIFI devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets and even Smart TVs. All this can be done without requiring internet. The Showcase has rows of shelves, for showcasing your precious items. It also has a desktop at the bottom, for showing all the new arrivals before they are categorized into some shelves.

Throw items at the Showcase from any of your WIFI devices or even from your USB pen drive and watch them getting organized automatically on the desktop or the shelves. Each item which is thrown to the Showcase gets automatically enhanced as an exhibit. Some enhancements to the multimedia items such as pictures, audio, video, e-books, documents etc. are: frames, covers, labels, previews and tags about the exhibit. The Showcase will even, as necessary, convert the audio/ video/ document formats from some of the earlier formats to the recent ones and compress further where required. You can throw a set of directories from devices such as your laptop to the Showcase, and find that that the Showcase will keep the related items together, and even label each row with which directories they had come from. You can throw items in a shelf without worrying about its limit, which anyway is a few hundred exhibits. Additional shelves will get created to accommodate the extra exhibits – a poster will also be put automatically outside each shelf to give an indication of what is inside. You can even lock up some shelves, so that others won’t be able to see the exhibits inside it. So your Showcase also becomes the safe keeper for your private collection.

Great app to use along with a HumSafar.
Ravi Amirtham
User Friendly, Easy to install. HumApp is very friendly FTP App to transfer media and documents from File Gallaries and WhatsApp to HumSafer Box on which HumShowcase Application is installed. HumSafar is a M...
Rajagopal MN
Hum helps us to effortlessly organize our digital media files. It is an extremely useful app for the individuals to Showcase their prized possessions. Call it a private cloud Portable WiFi Hotspot, Hum is ev...
Srinivasan Raghunathan