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About Poster Maker:Graphic design

Poster Maker - you can do the graphic design yourself!

Whether you need to make printed posters, roll-up banners, or X display racks, you can create all the graphic designs you need on the poster maker, simple and easy-to-understand online editing mode, one-click generation, and save ultra-high-definition pictures to your phone Photo album, send the pictures to the print shop, you can complete the design and production of the required materials, it is that simple.

How to use poster maker

1. Use ready-made templates and choose one from the templates made by professional designers to save time.

2. Add text on the photo, easily add text to the picture. Change the font, size, color, spacing, and position.

3. Use the perfect picture, upload the picture from the device album, adjust the position, rounded corners, transparency, and rotation angle to make the picture more suitable for your overall design.

4. Show your design and click the blue download button in the upper right corner to save it directly to your device.

5. Printing materials
Send the ultra-high-definition picture to the print shop, and then inform the name of the material to be produced (poster, roll-up banner, display rack), and it's all done~

Monthly membership Price: $11.99

Annual membership Price: $23.99

Life Member Price: $99.99

Instructions for continuous monthly subscription:

1. Service name: poster maker continuous monthly membership

2. Subscription price: $5.99 for the first month, $9.99 for the next month

3. Subscription period: 1 month

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Poster Maker?

Poster Maker is a tool for creating graphic designs for printed posters, roll-up banners, and X display racks.

How can I use Poster Maker?

You can use Poster Maker by choosing ready-made templates from professional designers, adding text and pictures, and then saving the design in ultra-high-definition to your phone. You can then send the design to a print shop to produce the materials. Poster Maker has a simple and easy-to-understand online editing mode and a one-click generation feature.

What are the features of Poster Maker?

Poster Maker allows you to use ready-made templates, add text on the photo, use the perfect picture, and show your design. You can also save the design directly to your device and send the ultra-high-definition picture to the print shop to produce the materials.

What is the price of Poster Maker?

Poster Maker has monthly, annual, and life membership options. The monthly membership price is $11.99, the annual membership price is $23.99, and the life membership price is $99.99.

How can I subscribe to Poster Maker?

To subscribe to the continuous monthly membership of Poster Maker, you need to pay $5.99 for the first month and $9.99 for the next month. The subscription period is one month.
✨ Thank you for making a wonderful product
Griffin Rolan
1st tym to use but im so amazzed. easy to use and beginers friendly
Benjamin Kamp
I want to make it myself! I was looking for such an app.
Bullock Georgie
I'm using the free version, but it's insanely easy to use!
Rodgers Bistro
How easy is it to use the paid version?
Rutledge Catania
I can't believe you can use this quality for free lol
Saunders Pisan