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About Kacam

Support Below Models´╝Ü
A67, DT380, G39, G55H, G71A, GS31N, GS33H, GS63B, GS63D, GS63E, GS63E-Kapture, GS63E-M, GS63E-Xblite, GS63H, GS63S-KapKam, GS63S-XBLITZ, GS63T, H7, K4, KAD01 , LS01, LS01-DC200, LS01-M6, LS01N, LS01-TRC_H7, LS02, LS02-COOAU, LS02N, LS03, LS03N, LS05, LS06, S04, S06, S07, S08, S12, W1, W2

convenience of not having to take your Micro SD Card out of your Dash Cam.

The Kacam App has the following features:

* Ability to view live video on the Dash Cam on your Smartphone with a start/stop recording function

* Ability to take a photo at any time on the Dash Cam through your Smartphone

* Playback recorded video (event) files or photos directly from the Dash Cam Through your Smartphone

* Ability to Directly Download the recorded video (event) files or photos from the Dash Cam to the Smartphone to your phone

* Ability to change and modify Dash Cam Settings

Please note this App is only compatible with the Uniden Kacam Dash Cam Model Only

Mohanad Salman
Very good Thanks
deano molly
The features in the app is Top Class and im mightily impressed with the app and full marks & 5*s to you. Initially,after reading other reviews i too was disappointed but once you sync with the wifi and almos...
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