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About English, Polish - full immersion

Learn English or Polish
with full immersion in the language environment, in voice mode,
following simple instructions.

◦ Video lessons and encyclopedia of grammar
◦ Conversation practice
◦ Building vocabulary in ready-made phrases
◦ Auditory training on films and audio books
◦ Spelling

The City of Repetitions (Drill.City) is easy to use — you listen, speak, read text, or watch movies. To learn spelling, you write dictations.

The program uses the method of interval repetitions that automatically adapts to the student and guarantees the memorization of the material, regardless of language learning ability of a user.

Learning grammar does not require memorization of rules. You only need to get acquainted with them, and then fix them in memory by studying examples in voice mode.

Choose comfortable lesson duration, learning speed, desired strength of memory and the amount of material.

You can learn even without looking at the phone screen.

You do not just watch movies with subtitles and listen to audiobooks - alternating between the original and the translation, the program trains your perception of the language by ear and builds your language vocabulary.

You can learn from zero to level B2 (Upper Intermediate).

Full immersion in the language, constant training in speech and listening comprehension allows you to achieve results much faster.

We wish you easy and enjoyable learning!

Support: [email protected]

The app is great. You are actually speaking a foreign language! It has a lot of voice commands, and they work well :) super technological app
Marishka Sokolini
I really enjoy studying English with App is user-friendly and simple in use.
Marina Karlovska