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About Checkers

● Checkers
● The best Checkers games that has no particular requirements as the presentation of how the game of Checkers, backgammon or cards (cards). Since the world (old people) knowledge, allows you to have a great time, anytime, anywhere, every phone or tablet to compete with the computer, a friend or random opponents.

● Defines Checkers game board with the international organizations of Checkers, English, Brazilian and Russian.

● Checkers is the best game for people to have a good time with friends and family Checkers playin

● Checkers is a great gaming favorite for centuries. It is of a disconcerting simplicity, yet very subtle. In Checkers, the end of the Checkers game is to take all the opponent's pieces. The pins move from one compartment at a time diagonally to the opposite compartments always occupying the same color field in Checkers game

★★★ FUNCTIONALITIES of Checkers game★★★

✓ Opponents with advanced game strategies
✓ Very simple and easy to play
✓ Intuitive interface

★★★ TIPS of Checkers game ★★★

✓ Play Checkers with the red pawns and the opponent plays with the white pawns.
✓ Click on a pawn to select it, then press the Checkers box where you want to move it.
✓ When a pawn reaches the top row, it becomes a king of Checkers. Kings can also be moved backwards and captured back.
✓ The Checkers player without the available pawns or the player who can not move because he has no movements available will lose the game.
✓The game of checkers (also known as draughts or damas in other languages) is an old and well-known game that is still popular nowadays thanks to its simple rules and addictive gameplay, which uses sophisticated strategies and presents many variants.

✓ Play Checkers - a special mode where you can compete against other virtual players. Get to new Checkers levels , climb the rankings (daily, weekly or worldwide) or participate in special tournaments with rewards at the key.
✓Use your rewards to get token models and customize them. Checkers is completely free.
✓It uses "energy" that can be obtained in several ways: as a daily reward, beating your opponents or winning tournaments.

✓The Checkers game also supports offline mode where you can choose from a variety of game modes, such as Russian, English / American, International or Brazilian variants. And we also reserve a surprise for you.
✓These are the ladies called "random", a really nice variant that will make you addicted. You let a random generator decide the number of checkers on the checkerboard, their position and the rules that will apply.
✓ You can also disable the forced jump option via the Settings.

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