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About SEPP Parking

SEPP, the Parking-App. Parking paid easily!

Simply start and stop your parking session. No laborious searching for coins and no guessing how long you want to park. You can take advantage of the maximum parking time.

Easy, transparent and completely safe.

Park car, open SEPP app and start parking session. When returning, simply stop the parking session and you are done.

- Simple, fast, safe
- No need to find a parking meter, parking ticket no longer necessary
- No need to estimate your parking time and the parking time can be exhausted to the maximum parking time
- Accurate billing
- Push message before the parking session expires
- High parking fees can be paid easily
- Acknowledgment for the parking process when needed
- Park history
- contemporary means of payment

The app uses your location. This can shorten the battery life of your device

Endlich wird das Parking revolutioniert und das mühsame Kleingeld an der Parkuhr zusammensuchen kann man sich sparen
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