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About Extreme Road Trip

Your gas pedal is stuck! Tilt your car to keep it rolling and jumping. Do stunts to get nitro boost so you can do more stunts to get more nitro boost. It's fun, it's fast and it's free, so get it now!

The goal of the game is to get as far as possible on a limited reserve of gas. You wont consume gas when boosting, so doing stunts will get your farther. Though it might also make you crash... such is the game.

The game features awesome music by Magnus "SoulEye" Pålsson (of "VVVVVV" fame) and is frequently updated with more content.

== Features ==

* Extremely addictive gameplay
* Huge gratifying explosions
* Earwormy music that will not exit your head
* Flips, wheelies and extreme aerial stunts
* A choice between nine unique cars with different properties
* Drive in four locations
* OpenFeint Achievements and Leaderboards
* Free

It's just pure, plain fun. And its free. You should download it now, unless you hate having fun.

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Max Lopez
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