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About GiveAway — buy nothing

GiveAway is a neighborhood community driven marketplace. It allows you to give away things you don’t need to people who live next door to you, and get things from your neighborhood that you wish. Pretty similar to an online garage sale.

You can also find a side job in the app - offer your services to earn internal coins and use it to take some needed things and food.

Available products: electronics, appliances, accessories, smartphones, cases, furniture, televisions, refrigerators, clothing, shoes, books, pet products, wheels, services, food and a lot of profitable deals and cheap things! The app is also good for mothers to exchange children's clothes, toys and baby stuff.

We launched in USA in following cities: New York City (NY), Los Angeles (CA), Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, Sacramento, Arlington, Phoenix, Orlando, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Denver and other cities.

It isn’t only sustainable and smart, it also provides endless hours of entertainment via browsing through other people’s stuff. Try it and you might discover something great that you didn’t even know you needed! Giving away things is also much more pleasant than buy and sell.

Giving items away is much easier than trying to sell them elsewhere. On GiveAway, you can add an item in just a few taps. We show your stuff to the neighborhood (5 miles or more around). Our unique auction system determines the winners - users who offer up more internal coins for your free stuff than others using a bidding system. Only the winner can send a message to the giver, so you only have to coordinate with one person. Then, the winner will come and pick up the item!

To keep things fair, every user on GiveAway is awarded what we call Karma. Karma is your GiveAway currency to use for bids. Users earn Karma by giving away items and can spend it on items they wish. Using Karma, you can claim interesting items in the app. The more interesting your item is, the more Karma other users will spend to make it theirs - and thus the “bidding” part of GiveAway.

You can earn Karma giving away stuff, doing services and writing interesting stories about things from the GiveAway

One more option just to buy Karma donating to the project and take some stuff using it. Usually it’s cheaper than buying things from other places.

It’s also possible to raise Karma by bringing new participants to the app. Share items in personal messages and on your social networks, and also use the “Invite friends” function. You will receive bonus +1 Karma for every new participant that follows your link as soon as they log in to the app. For convenience, you can get started by using the “Raise Karma” button in your profile.

Safety first when giving away

1. Put off the meeting if you have any cold symptoms.
2. Wash your hands carefully, then put the things in a bag.
3. Give away your things contact-free
4. Find things in your neighborhood and take it from people who live next door to you. So you don’t need to use any public transportation.
5. When you add a new thing to Giveaway, mark that you are ready to give it contact-free.

Give away your things. Let it go. Sign up now and take a bonus!

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I didnt get to try the app, had issues loading but I'm still giving it 5 stars because It's an awesome idea. For times like these and it's always great to get rid of stuff you're not using but someone else n...
Gloria Atkins
Anna Fussell
Great !!!
Gail Johnson
Very positive and neat experience
Jamie Raines
Like very much thank!
Jack Leung
I absolutely love it
Kelly Tate