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About Checklist Fácil Action Plan

Transform your company's operational efficiency

Checklist Fácil will simplify activities, save time, make better decisions and generate more results!

Large, medium and small companies, from different segments, use the leading solution in Latin America

To access the applications, it’s necessary to contract a monthly subscription referring to the software license.
Talk to one of our consultants now and schedule a personalized demo.
The app works in conjunction with the web system, where you can explore more than 150 features to personalize your checklists.

1 - Build smart checklists
Dependent questions
Checklist by image
Ready checklist templates

2 -Record non-conformities
Intuitive interface for Android and iOS
Media Registration
QR code e barcode

3 - Manage non-conformities
Approval flow
Solution deadline
Recurrence reports

4 - Control operation in real-time
Custom Dashboard
Schedule management