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About CONGAS & BONGOS: Electronic Percussion Kit

CONGAS & BONGOS lets you try the true percussion experience! A free, fun, user-friendly app! Download it now and enjoy!

How does CONGAS & BONGOS work?
The app transforms your phone/tablet screen into a lifelike simulation of a percussion kit. For instant playback, all you need do is tap on the drum pads.

Not a percussionist yet?
CONGAS & BONGOS comes with 10 video tutorials to help you learn, as well as 25 loops in a variety styles to jam along with!

No room in your place for a percussion kit?
CONGAS & BONGOS is perfect for practising without bugging the neighbours or taking up too much space.

Using the app is simplicity itself, play anywhere and put your skills to the test!

Check out the CONGAS & BONGOS specs:
- Multitouch
- 10 drum pads
- Studio-quality sound
- 10 rhythm samples with tutorials
- 25 loops to jam along with
- Recording mode
- Export your recordings to MP3
- Works with all screen resolutions - Phones e Tablets (HD Images)
- Free app

The app is free but you can remove the ads and get the premium version by purchasing a license.

Have a bash and a blast with the best and most comprehensive percussion app on Google Play!

Perfect for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners.

Touch & Play!

Nice sound and tutorial no difference in originality
Sudhir Joil
Fendi Triyanto
Great app for those who have the innate talent for rythm great time killer when you get into the music such as bachata or Jazz but should came with a pratice track ither jazz or bachata
Jose H Cabrera Anre