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About FUT Card Builder 20

FUT Card Builder! One of the easiest to use fut card creators you will ever use. Take control in your own hands and see why this is one of the best fifa card maker apps. The best app to make your own cards, store it and create your own squad.

🔥 News! Background eraser function! 🔥

✅ The best and most complete FUT Card Generator from Play Store! ⚽️
✅ Now with Squad Builder! ⚽️
✅ Over 100k satisfied users generating cards daily ⚽️


💠 All FUT Ultim. Team Cards for FUT 20, 19, 18 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 and 09. More than 800 cards!!

💠 FUT 20: 25 cards and 25 compact cards.
💠 FUT 19: 78 cards and 78 compact cards.
💠 FUT 19 Mobile: +230 cards.
💠 FUT 18 Mobile: 347 cards.
💠 FUT 18: 36 cards and 36 compact cards.
💠 FUT 17: 37 cards and 37 compact cards.
💠 FUT 16: 23 cards.
💠 FUT 15: 22 cards.
💠 FUT 14: 20 cards.
💠 FUT 13: 16 cards.
💠 FUT 12: 13 cards.
💠 FUT 11: 9 cards.
💠 FUT 10: 6 cards.
💠 FUT 09: 3 cards.


✅ Unique app with compact cards!
✅ Take or Pick your photo!
✅ Chose the name, position, all statistics and chemistry icon!
✅ Manage, save or share your FUT Cards!
✅ More than 700 badges to select.
✅ More than 200 nations to select.
✅ Create your clubs, manage your cards in different clubs!
✅ Customize your badges and nations. Create new badges or nations!


Using and navigating the fifa card generator is really easy. You can create cards in seconds and everything is viewable in a neat dashboard. Your cards, squads, clubs, badges and nations can be previewed at any time.


Use the fut card maker as you want and create cards. Put any photo you want and showcase your creativity.
You asked, we listened! Now you can finally create a squad and put all cards you created in a team with the squad builder.

We are continuously following the requests of our users and continue to do relevant updates!

- Thanks to Luca Schulz for the German translation!
- Thanks to Massimo Gandolfi for the Italian translation!
- Thanks to Simon Ocampo for the Spanish translation!
- Thanks to Gabriel Lemaistre for the French translation!

Legal Information:
FUT Card Builder is an unofficial card creator and has no relationship with the producer. All trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FUT Card Builder 20?

FUT Card Builder 20 is an app that allows users to easily create their own FIFA Ultimate Team cards and squads.

What features does FUT Card Builder have?

FUT Card Builder features include compact cards, ability to take or pick a photo, customization of name, position, statistics, and chemistry icon, management and sharing of FUT cards, selection of badges and nations, creation of custom badges and nations, and a user-friendly interface.

How many FUT cards are available in FUT Card Builder?

FUT Card Builder offers over 800 FUT cards, including cards from FUT 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, and 09.

What is the Squad Builder feature in FUT Card Builder?

The Squad Builder feature allows users to create a squad and include all the cards they have created in a team.

How easy is it to navigate and use the FUT card generator?

The FUT card generator is very easy to use and navigate. Users can create cards in seconds and view everything in a neat dashboard.

Is FUT Card Builder an official app?

No, FUT Card Builder is an unofficial card creator app and has no relationship with the producer of FIFA.
Sam Bob
Duuude this FIFA Card Creator is awesome! I like the card designs and how u csn make ur own card with the background designer, if u could add a filter to turn your player into an icon, that'd be sick. Ez 5
KingCreeperBoss08 - ROBLOX Videos
lovely app
Márk Petrovics
Its class and funny
Albert Foundry Academy FC
Best app ever
Anna Smit
I can do anything
Stanzcer olsen