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About SDash - Hondata Bluetooth

SDash is digital customisable dash logger to display, record and export live data coming from an Bluetooth enabled Hondata® ECU (s300v3, FlashPro and KPro v4).

See what your car is doing in real time using your android device, without the need of a computer!

Main features:
• Record and export data
• Support for multiple dashboards
• Configurable visual alerts (below/above threshold)

*** Build your own dashboard using more than 60 available analog gauges, digital gauges and widgets! ***

Supported sensors:
• ECU error codes
• Engine speed (RPM)
• Ignition advance
• Battery voltage
• Throttle position sensor
• Air/fuel ratio
• Gear
• Speed
• Short term fuel trim
• Long term fuel trim
• Engine coolant temperature
• Intake air temperature
• Manifold absolute pressure
• Wideband voltage
• Check engine light
• Service connector switch
• Air conditioning switch
• VTEC pressure switch
• Secondary oxygen sensor
• Actual VTC cam angle
• Commanded VTC cam angle
• Calculated load value
• Knock count
• Target air/fuel ratio
• Reverse lock
• Brake switch
• Air conditioning clutch
• Electric power steering
• Fuel relay
• Radiator fan clutch
• N20 Arm 1
• N20 On 1
• N20 Arm 2
• N20 On 2

(*) Supported sensors varies with ECU

This application requires additional hardware in order to work:
• ECU with Hondata® KProV4, s300v3 or FlashPro installed.
• Bluetooth Compatible android device

• If you face any issue or have any request, please send me an e-mail [email protected] .

Shern R Haynes
All sorted now
Bobby A
It's a little bit choppy but it has so many options and can mess with every part of it. Better than any other dash app I've used.
Peregrine Bierlein