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About Periodic Table of Elements - Modern PTE

Amazing updated and complete periodic table. Amazing, because it has multiple features in a single application. Check out the description below. Take a test to know more!


★ Periodic table of elements informative and complete;
★ List with all elements of the periodic table (including the new elements: Nh, Mc, Ts and Og);
★ Quick search of elements by: name, symbol and atomic number (Z);
★ General information and description of elements:
-> Atomic characteristics;
-> Physical and chemical properties;
-> Thermal properties;
-> Atomic structure;
-> Electromagnetic properties;
-> Reactivity;
-> Discoverers of chemical elements;
-> Importance of chemical elements.
★ Isotopes of elements and their information;
★ Fun games for you to learn more and test your knowledge;
★ Chemistry formula calculator:
-> Conversion between thermal scales (°C, °F, K, °R, °Ré);
-> Density (d = m / V);
-> Molar mass (M = m / n);
-> Law of ideal gases (P*V = n*R*T);
-> Combined gas law (P*V / T = k);
-> Boyle–Mariotte law(P*V = k);
-> Charles law (V / T = k);
-> Gay-Lussac law (P / T = k);
-> Avogadro law (V / n = k);
-> Sensitive heat (Q = m*c*(T2 - T1));
-> Latent heat (Q = m*L);
-> Mass concentration (C = m1 / V).
★ Main laboratory glassware with explanations;
★ The main danger symbols;
★ Nuclear decay processes;
★ Pauling diagram;
★ Main subatomic particles;
★ Most used scientific constants in chemistry and physics;
★ Available offline (no connection).
★ News and improvements in upcoming updates.

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Good for chemistry and biochemistry
Ayomide Nathaniel
Udaya Behera
It's a wonderful app. Please keep it up.
Emmanuel Kaunda