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About Video Delay Instant Replay with Slow-Motion PRO

Video Delay Instant Replay! Sport Camera with adjustable delay on playback. Self-analyze your actions during fitness training or home workouts. Get instant feedback and develop proper muscle memory. Replay your actions using slow-motion! Boost sports workouts with Motion Detection Mode! Record your actions if needed and analyze them with your personal trainer. Boost your home gym with a video mirror app!

To get faster results train smart and make sure you are true to form! Use Instant Replay to perfect your performance while training at home or outdoors. Set up the workout station with your phone or tablet operating as a „delayed view mirror“. Select time with a clock button or tap the screen. No need to rewind or touch the device, the video will play instantly.

For quicker actions (~3 sec), like basketball shooting, golf swing, acrobatics, or martial arts press SLO to open slow-motion mode. Do your action, watch the replay & get ready for the next repetition when countdown appears. You can adjust the slow-motion speed with slider.

The motion detection grid will help you maintain proper posture. Press the grid button to add movement detecting lines on top of the camera view. Use the pencil button to open edit mode - slide the lines or adjust the movement detector’s sensitivity.

Video Recording Modes:
* Continuous Mode - pressing "REC" starts recording and continues until you press "STOP"
* Short Clips Mode (only in SLO Mode ) - pressing "REC" records each slow-mo take as a new video.
* Buffered Mode - records camera frames that are already in the buffer. Never miss the action!
* Buffered Live Mode - it's Buffered Mode but shows real-time camera feed instead of a delayed view.

Coaches and Physical Education Teachers - correct mistakes and identify what caused an error. Record the action and analyze it later. Make sure about the feedback you are giving to your players! Connect the VDIR app to the TV screen (screen mirroring), to get even better results. Analyze your student's moves and settle disputes on the field using video feedback.

Video Delay Instant Replay is great for:
Fitness / Sport workouts / Physical Education
Crossfit / TRX workout
Basketball / Volleyball / Football
Tennis / Golf
Weight training / Weightlifting / Bodybuilding
Martial arts / Boxing / Gym
Gymnastics / Acrobatics / Dance
Physiotherapy / Yoga / Pilates
Fencing / Archery
Spring Diving / Swimming
Magic tricks / Funny movies

This Video Coach will help you achieve proper form with instant evaluation after every exercise. Train quicker and safer! There is no need to touch the device after setting the video delay time. Just focus on your workout.

Hit the gym with your

fitness camera!
If you're training martial arts or boxing set very short camera delay time and see how you kick or punch in slow motion!
Video Delay Instant Replay will help you perform proper exercise movements and maintain good posture while bodybuilding or crossfitting.
You'll be able to improve your basketball shooting form by copying favorite players. In your basketball workouts, you will be able to see if you're low enough on legs or if your fake moves are effective.
If you are into football VDIR will help you to compare your form against the best football players.
How about your golf swing? Now you can study your golf swing form and correct your moves instantly! Same with baseball or tennis swing.
This fitness camera is great for physiotherapy or pilates exercising. Check out your yoga pose with a mobile fitness mirror - it might protect you from injury.

In normal mode use slider to zoom in if watching your action from distance. You can set as long camera delay time as your device memory allows you (yoga, TRX, gym, physiotherapy). Lower your camera resolution in case you need longer delay time.

I used VDIR as a video coach for my physiotherapy workouts after sports injuries. When looking straight into the mirror is not possible, this camera will give you better feedback.

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