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About Lucky fortune teller and lucky charms

In this application, the art of reading the future is put at the service of your luck. Because your future is not only directed by fate but is also manipulated by the happy and unfortunate hazards of life, it is essential not to neglect this aspect of things today. For your happiness.

🍀 What the hell is this app? It's the application for the lucky future and those who will succeed in the future! Around the ball of luck (A crystal ball and fortune-teller dedicated to luck) you will be guided to receive every day a certain number of gifts of life :

🍀 Precise predictions about your future (clairvoyance).
🍀 Lucky number (fortune telling for lotteries).
🍀 Many points of Happiness.
🍀 Lucky charms for everyone.
🍀 And other surprises in life.

🍀 Your life deserves to be taken care of! Especially if you see the best opportunities pass you by or if you see your loved ones succeed in life. By acting directly at the heart of your future and your destiny, this app will inevitably promote the arrival of happy events around you.

🍀 Thanks to the lucky charms that you will activate for free at the most important moments of your life you will be able to act in a very surgical way on what is wrong! The evil eye, bad spells, superstitions and all those negative people will move away from you. And as this application is really made to bring you happiness, our lucky charms can also act on those you love! To do this, remember to have them in your address book (with a photo for more efficiency).

🍀 Our lucky charms act on love, money, family, friends, success and work. They are active for the chosen duration and as long as the application remains installed on your device.

🍀 The combination of everything that can bring you happiness and our accurate predictions about your future makes this fortune-telling application the only one that will finally work for you, bringing you luck, confidence and success.

To use the application for the first time: You will be asked for a name, a nickname and possibly a profile picture. Your experience with the application will be all the better for it. The application has two sections: The good-luck ball and the lucky charms.

In order to use the ball of luck you must first, every day, ask how many draws you are entitled to. Then you will make your draws to get predictions, good luck points... Each day the fortune ball will reset to zero (unless you have bonus draws).

The lucky charms tab will allow you to manage your lucky charms, create new ones or extend the existing ones. For you and your friends.

Do not hesitate to contact us at this address for any bugs or technical questions: [email protected]

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Good app
Thusana Samuel Mazibuko
Excellent job
Lucky Coster
I love it
Martins Don
I love this app.
Eva Wright
Lucky Singh
Ive already use the app several times most of the prediction were relavant to me, like this app.
reamogetswe daycare