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About NoteBook Pro: Notepad Text Photo Notes

Language Supports:
Arabic عربى
Bangali বাঙালি
English english
Filipino Pilipino
French Française Français
German Deutsche
Hindi हिन्दी
Indonesian bahasa Indonesia
Italian Italiana
Japanese 日本人
Kannada ಕನ್ನಡ
Korean 한국어
Marathi मराठी
Polish Polskie
Portuguese Português
Russian русский
Spanish Española Español
Swedish svenska
Tamil தமிழ்
Telugu తెలుగు
Turkish Türk
Urdu اردو

Features :-
+ Easy to use and Simple interface
+ Create multiple notebooks with colorful book covers
+ Set custom photo/image on the book cover
+ In every book unlimited page entries (notes).
+ Recycle Bin [for recovering the deleted notes]
+ Multiple deletes the notes
+ Export note as .pdf .txt file
+ Convert the entire Notebook to PDF with options(print page numbers, title)
+ Create note with - 1) Text Note 2) Finger drawing 3) Photo note
+ Set reminder to text note as well as drawing note
+ All Notepad features like
+ Create, edit, search, modify, delete notes, delete all notes
+ Send Note via Email, SMS
+ Export/Import notes using the SD card
+ Import notes from the NoteBook Free application
+ Password protected [optional]
+ Changeable editor theme
+ Changeable fonts and font size in note writing
+ View the every note information
+ Start a notebook with book view or list view
+ Copy title or note to on clipboard
+ And custom date and time when note is in edit mode.
+ Bookshelf support with different shelf styles

Minimum System Requirement :-
+ Android 4.1 or Above

This application requires following permission :-
+ Read/Write SD card [for details, see the F. A.Q. (1) ]

Details :-
It is simple and easy to use, you can write your personal notes, modify, delete notes, search notes and send a note via Email, SMS. Create finger drawing notes with different size of pencil and rubber. Now we are introducing new features in NoteBook Pro like multiple delete the notes and Changeable editor theme.
All features are packed in just less than 8 MB (for less the download time and minimum use of phone storage memory)

F.A.Q. :-
1. Details uses, permission of the SD card?
-> NoteBook Pro uses your device SD card for import and export the notes.

Awesome writing app
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