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About QiBrd: Free Virtual Analog Synthesizer

QiBrd free synthesizer allows to unleash your potential even if you don't know how to play a musical instrument.

This synth is not only free, it also has got no ads! Why? Just because I made it for myself and I use it!

Unlike apps that copy classic instruments like Moog, Korg, DSI, Roland or Clavia, QiBrd synthesizer has been designed to:
+ be powerful and controllable without exposing the synth engine
+ have the most possible controls on screen
+ assign the most possible dramatic timbral change to each control
+ show an easy interface to make the sounds evolve and change even with one single hand.

We wanted the most expressive electronic synthesizer that we could ever program.

We followed this idea while creating this musical instrument, avoiding all what can be difficult or tricky, like complex sound generation parameters. Instead, we included all what appeared to have a direct and immediate impact on the sound timbre and evolution. That's the idea behind QiBrd synth.

It has become a very powerful and yet incredibly easy synthesizer, with virtual analog synth sounds, vintage timbres, electronic techno and trance sounds, and even a small drum machine.

The free 20 included sounds use multiple synthesis techniques and span from progressive rock to modern techno, from melodic to noisy, from classic to contemporary, from vintage to trance. They all share two main characteristic:
+ they can be controlled to evolve and change
+ they are easy.

Indeed, every patch is associated to a scale and to the controllers that are exactly aimed to work with that particular sound, so that every touch you make will change something in timbre or in pitch of your synth, yet keeping it always in tune.

Artists that used QiBrd live:
- Jus Primae Noctis
- Brian Redfern
- Alobar Music
- Fra Raf
- Juan Ignacio Rocco
- Alessandra ICKX
- Flavio AK - DZ-Stress Sounds

Add your name here!

Stay tuned for more sounds!

QiBrd is based on the fabulous free library CSound for Android. I will never thank enough the guys behind that project.
Please explore it here:

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Just played around for a few minutes and it's amazing. Good use of time. Thanks for keeping it free.
Ding Dong
Amazing! I cannot believe i can play music that sounds so beautiful now 😊
Stella Tambani
I do not have a single musical bone in my body not even a little cartilage and yet I managed to have a great deal of fun with this program just fun to goof around with.
Michael Johnson