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About Interval Trainer PRO

Workout like a pro with this fully personal HIIT Crossfit interval training timer

Professional High-intensity Crossfit interval training

•  Adjustable preparation time
•  Adjustable round time
•  Adjustable rest time
•  Adjustable colors
•  Adjustable sounds
•  Adjustable round count

This easy-to-use app is Ideal for workouts using heavy bags, speed bags, jump ropes, double-end bags, push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, or other types of interval training(Calisthenics circuit timer, Circuit training, HIIT training, Tabata, Crossfit) at the gym or home.

Personal round timer - Adjustable Round Lengths, time, rest and count - Loud bell sound and vibration alerts

Great way to maximize your workout and not focus on how long you have been doing an exercise, it automatically gives you notice that your time is up. Helps regulates your workouts.

Does exactly what's required with no fuss.
Stuart Bradley
Very useful app!
Rommel Jose
Works great been using this app for a years..i got no problems n easy to use,well done mr.developer 👍👍👍