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About CHEQROOM Equipment Management

* A CHEQROOM account with subscription is required for using this app *


CHEQROOM is a trustworthy and flexible cloud tool that lets you register, monitor and track your valuable assets in the cloud. Sign up today for 24/7 access to information about equipment status, reservations, location, and all relevant documentation.


Implementing traditional inventory tracking methods is a huge task. Mostly, it results in your users running around and digging through Excel sheets. As you know, Excel-based inventory tracking systems require people to manually count inventory items and enter the data into a spreadsheet. And not to mention constantly having to ensure nothing gets lost or misplaced.

Good news: equipment management doesn’t have to be a hassle. Managing your expensive AV and IT assets in the cloud? We take care of it.


Carry all your assets at your fingertips

Both your inventory (tracking) information and high-valued assets are stored. In one secure environment. Always accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Check-in & out in one click

The CHEQROOM equipment manager enables you to check-in and out your items to your users. You will always get real-time visibility into the status of your equipment.

Make reservations and estimate future capacity needs

Making item reservations is as easy as beans. Schedule future bookings and assign them to your users. About to book a reservation? All you need to do is enter basic information on which items you want, dates for pick-up and drop offs, and which location you want your items to be available at.

Keep track of your high-valued equipment

Wonder who is using your assets at the moment? CHEQROOM will tell you where your items are and when they are due to be returned. Plan or control maintenance and easily review an item’s service history. This way, you will instantly see when a piece of equipment was last serviced, updated or repaired. Oh, and did we mention you will also reduce losses and damages?

Label your equipment

CHEQROOM offers a wide array of stickers and labels to use on your equipment. Simply stick each QR code on every inventory item you’d like to track. After that, just scan the label with our free inventory app for iPhone or Android. Insert the information you want to add and you’re good to go. When an item is checked in or out, our app will keep track of who last used it and where it’s located. Just scan the item’s QR code and immediately find all the relevant info you need in our sleek, easy to use software. Conclusion? QR Codes simplify your inventory management.


1: Sign up on for your free trial of our asset tracking software
2: Store any AV or other valuable equipment to your free CHEQROOM equipment manager
3: Add contacts to your profile
5: Start checking in & out your stuff within the CHEQROOM equipment checkout software


1. The fast, easy way to monitor your inventory
2. Faster turnaround
3. Increased accountability helps cut costs
4. Simple, clean and great look-and-feel
5. Time saving
6. No special hardware required
7. Enhanced customer services
8. Powered by the web
9. Keep track, anywhere and any time
10. Affordable

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this app checks everybox we need! well designed functionality and usability.
Brandon Clark
Qr code reader cant seem to work. Im on trial mode. Camera is not focusing and scanner is not scanning. However customer experience was top notch! Therefore, 5 stars! Thanks Vincent. Hope itll get fixed soon.
Rayden Faeez
Great app
Austin Duer
This app has changed the way our school can offer AV equipment to students in such a positive way. It's easy, intuitive and, if you run into a problem, they are helpful and immediately responsive.
Seth Andersen