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About Babbly: Baby Speech Tracker

Raise a social baby with Babbly.

Your doctor tracks your baby’s height, weight and head size. Babbly will help you track your baby’s speech and language development. Using Babbly, you can analyze your baby’s communication skills and get personalized recommendations to maximize playtime, helping your child grow into their fullest potential.

- Early communication skills: Help your little one communicate with you through strategies that are proven to be effective.
- Early social skills: Teach your child how to take turns in a conversation as early as six months.
- Early literacy skills: Build a solid foundation through reading to them in a specific way and helping them take part in reading books.
Get expert advice: Say goodbye to Dr. Google and get the most up-to-date information from experts that bring thousands of hours of research and clinical expertise to the palm of your hand.


Upload a video or record your baby’s voice directly in the app, and receive a breakdown of their speech skills within seconds! The analysis is done through Babbly’s advanced technology.

Get personalized weekly activities that are designed to meet your child’s specific needs and put them on a fast track towards becoming a talkative toddler. Learn the best practices from over 50 experts across the world - our Speech-language pathologists, Pediatricians and Child psychologists will teach you how to raise a social baby that is able to effectively communicate.


- Intelligent insights that show how your baby’s speech is progressing over time
- 300+ activities that are personalized to your child’s skill and not just age
- 500+ daily tips by experts that are a click away
- Quizzes and facts about baby’s speech and social skills that have been curated from scientific studies and research publications
- Playtime ideas that can be recorded to help you track your baby’s speech development over time
- Week by week guidance on what is typical for your child’s age

Subscription pricing:

For a limited time, access all features of the Babbly app free of charge.

Disclaimer: Babbly does not provide medical advice and is not a diagnosis or a screening tool. Always speak to your doctor if you are concerned about your child’s health and development.

Read the terms and privacy policy here:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can Babbly help me track?

Babbly can help you track your baby's speech and language development.

What skills can Babbly help me improve in my baby?

Babbly can help improve your baby's early communication skills, early social skills, and early literacy skills.

How does Babbly work?

You can upload a video or record your baby's voice in the app, and Babbly will provide a breakdown of their speech skills. The analysis is done through advanced technology.

What will I get with Babbly?

With Babbly, you will get intelligent insights on your baby's speech progression, personalized activities, tips from experts, quizzes and facts, playtime ideas, and week-by-week guidance on your child's development.

How much does the Babbly app cost?

Currently, the Babbly app is free of charge for a limited time.

Is Babbly a medical advice or diagnosis tool?

No, Babbly does not provide medical advice or act as a diagnosis or screening tool. It is always recommended to consult with your doctor for any health or development concerns.

Where can I read the terms and privacy policy of Babbly?

You can read the terms and privacy policy of Babbly at
Beautifully designed app with lots of functionalities to try with your baby. A must have if you have a new born.
Juan Margalef
Great app to learn about baby skills
Bartolo Durand