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About Delivery management

NOTE: This is an operator application and can only be used with a business account

City Carrier is delivery management, route planing and crowd-sourcing solution for individuals and any size of business.
This solution available in two versions:

- Standalone mode: couriers may manage local tasks and optimize route using all available functionality.
You may use it free of charge.

- Corporate mode: Operator can automatically import number of task to system and use central task assignment, advanced route planning, automatic task distribution and other functionality.
Business pays service fee according selected plan.

NOTE. Directions, geocoding and other functions for individual tasks that are used to manage instant delivery are available for all countries of the world through Google Maps and OSM.
The functional of detailed route optimization for multiple addresses is available for the countries of the European Union, Russia and Azerbaijan.
Please send us an inquiry to [email protected] and we will update the maps to support route optimization for your region.

City Carrier provides schedule deliveries, arrange delivery sequence, allocate appropriate vehicles, track delivery, optimize delivery routes, increase overall service level and made couriers job stress less.
This application, which is a standalone mobile application for couriers and for companies who using City Carrier solution, helps them plan, track, optimize, and analyze delivery arranged tasks.
Target market sector is:
Retail, E-commerce, FMCG, courier, manufacturing, logistics & transport, waste management, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, freelancers.

With City Carrier companies can:
- Plan schedules for deliveries
- Automatically distribute orders among of drivers/vehicles
- Create optimized route plan for each driver/vehicle with considering of resource constraints*
- Get ETAs for each delivery with real traffic conditions
- Track service time for each delivery
- Get digital signage of delivery
- SMS/Email notification
- Real time tracking URL for customers
And much more

City Carrier helps reduce time of logistics operators to prepare accurate route for delivery, increased 1st attempt delivery rate, save costs, fuel and time.

* Resource constraints: delivery windows, capacity, priority, labor hours, distance and etc
** Currently route optimization function is available only for EU countries, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
New regions are added periodically.
To expedite the appearance of your region, please send request [email protected]


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