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About My Team

Developed for people by people who have lived experience of mental health concerns, their families, friends and carers. With valuable input from Beyond Blue, MyTeam will help you by putting a team of positive people around you to give the support you need, when you need it. MyTeam puts you at the heart of a personalised team of supporters who provide you with the support you need and work with you achieve the wellbeing goals you set for yourself. Supporters will be able to see when you’re struggling and provide support. They’ll also be there to help celebrate the good times too.

Create your account, build your team and get ready to start your journey to better mental health and wellbeing.

Brilliant app that helps me day to day
I have found this app to be really helpful in supporting my friend who uses it. Able to see how they feel without increasing their anxiety by having to keep asking if they are ok.
Andrew Purcell
I'm new to this site from what I've read and seen, so far ok
Sherry Marshall