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About Field Process Calculator

Application provides you the calculator for various calculations like Volume, surface area, empty weight, hydrostatic weight for various tanks. it also provides you the flash steam calculation, pump shaft power, pipe flow calculation, pressure drop, cooling tower, valves, orifice etc.

Currently application has the following features:
1) Partial volume, Full Volume, surface area, empty weight, hydrostatic weight for spherical, hemispherical, ellipsoidal, conical end, frustum tanks.
2) Shaft power calculation for pumps.
3) Flash steam calculation.
4) Flow rate, velocity, pipe size calculation for pipes.
5) control valve flow coefficient and control valve gain.
6) Shaft power calculation for fan.
7) Orifice sizing
8) Venturi flow rate calculation
9) Cooling tower process calculation
10) OEE (over all equipment effectiveness) Calculator
11) Affinity law calculator added in pump section
12) Pipe pressure drop calculation which support various pipe fitting, exit entrance losses having large database viscosity and density for common liquids.
13) Relative Humidity calculator
14) Chemical Dosing

Many more calculator will be added soon............

Calculator built with precision but may have errors if you find any please write to us.
Also if you want to add any frequent calculation you encountered at your work please write to us to incorporate the same.

You are requested to don't give lower rating first raise the issue and get it resolved.

Use of this software/ any part/ data or result obtained from it is at on your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage cause to user or anybody/anything related due to its use directly or indirectly. Regardless of keeping high level accuracy, software may have some bugs or limitations, Due to this the results, database or values may not be found accurate or appropriate. Please verify the data or values from their respective standards & original database and references before use. If you found any bugs please notify us.

Good application, need lil more effort on UI required.
A Google user
Very useful app for process calculations
Mayur Sonparote
Very helpful for quick estimation/calculation
Mohit Rayjada