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About Oxalate Food Counts (Kidney Stones)

It's a challenge when it comes to meal planning and restricting your oxalate intake. Knowing the amount of oxalate in the foods you eat is the first step to staying within your daily limit.

This app was created for individuals prone to recurring calcium oxalate stones ("stone formers"), have oxalate sensitivities and users of plant based diets (ketogenic, vegetarian, etc.) concerned with their oxalate intake. It may also be beneficial to individuals with other health conditions such as hyperoxaluria, oxalosis, leaky gut, IBD, crohn's disease, autism and fibromyalgia.

I hope this app will help guide you in planning and preparing meals with Oxalate values in mind.

Overview:This easy to use app provides tips as well a quick lookup of food oxalate counts to aid individuals suffering from calcium oxalate kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) and hyperoxaluria or oxalosis who must restrict their oxalate intake. This app works offline and requires no internet connectivity once installed.

Main features:• Handy reference for meal planning, grocery shopping and eating out

• Simple interface

• Browse foods by categories

• Browse foods in master list

• Search food items by text input or scroll

• Oxalate counts for more than 1,100 foods

• U.S. measurements used

• Easy to use

• Free of ads

• Works offline without internet connectivity

• No login, account or subscription required

• Compiled using Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health , UPMC, UChicago + others

Feedback appreciated as it will help me improve this app. Enjoy and use in good health!

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I am trying to decrease oxylates due to several medical conditions and I found your app to be a fast and easy way to estimate my intake
Nancy Matthews
After having 2 Kidney Stone surgeries within one year my doctor switched me to a Low Oxalate diet. I nearly starved. Not knowing what I could or could not eat. This app saved me. Easy no confusing contradict...
Elizabeth Probol
This app is so nice, has tons of helpful information! Thank you!
Lowie Einbinder