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About Vivoo - Weekly At-Home Wellness Test

It may sound weird for a first meeting, but Vivoo has a good reason to ask!

Vivoo is a wellness app that guides users to make healthier choices by providing personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice straight to your phone in just seconds based on your weekly at-home Vivoo urine tests.

How it works:
1. Download the Vivoo app for FREE.
2. Pee on the strip.
3. Wait 120 seconds.
4. Scan the urine strip and receive personalized nutrition advice.

Vivoo allows you to understand your unique nutritional needs, so you can easily make the right healthy nutrition choices. It lets you know if your hydration levels are where they should be, whether you’re eating well, having a balanced chemistry, have a possible infection, and much more!

Which parameters can you track?
• Hydration
• Immunity
• Ketones
• pH
• Liver functions
• UTI (urinary tract infection)
• Kidney functions

For years, we have tried different wearables, apps, and other products as a way to live a healthier life. However, the existing options are just not engaging enough, as they don’t offer personalized nutrition advice and healthy lifestyle insights. We believe that wellness is a personal journey and it should be unique to each person. That’s why we created the at-home Vivoo urine test!

Why Vivoo?
• Personalized
• Affordable
• At-home testing
• FDA approved
• Science-based
• User friendly
• Time efficient
• Environmentally conscious

There’s no manual tracking of what you eat, no logging workouts, and no expensive consultations. Vivoo does all the hard work for you, making living a healthy and optimized lifestyle easier than ever before by translating your urine test results into personalized healthy lifestyle and nutrition advice.

Want to take a closer look at what your body is telling you?
• Download the free Vivoo app.
• Determine your wellness goal (eat healthy, diet management, weight loss/gain, learn about your body).
• Select your activity level.
• Select your dietary preferences (ketogenic, vegan, gluten-free, high-protein, dairy free, vegetarian).
• Take your weekly at-home Vivoo wellness test.
• In minutes, receive your wellness score for each parameter.
• Receive personalized nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice.
• Follow your customized wellness tips and guides.
• Prepare your grocery list accordingly.
• Monitor your body at home weekly.
• Keep track of your progress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
• The more consistently you use at-home Vivoo urine tests weekly, the more your advice will be personalized to you.


Learn more about Vivoo at
Social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest: vivooapp
Email us via [email protected]

We value your opinion and always welcome your suggestions and feedback. Let’s make the Vivoo experience even better for you.

Please note: you must have the Vivoo urine strips to use this app. You can order your strips from

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Vivoo?

Vivoo is a wellness app that provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice based on weekly at-home urine tests.

How does Vivoo work?

To use Vivoo, you download the app for free, pee on the urine strip, wait 120 seconds, scan the strip using the app, and receive personalized nutrition advice.

What parameters can Vivoo track?

Vivoo can track hydration levels, immunity, ketones, pH, liver functions, UTI (urinary tract infection), and kidney functions.

Why should I choose Vivoo?

Vivoo is personalized, affordable, FDA approved, science-based, user friendly, time efficient, and environmentally conscious.

How do I integrate Vivoo into my daily life?

Vivoo eliminates the need for manual tracking, logging workouts, and expensive consultations. It translates urine test results into personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice.

How can I use Vivoo effectively?

To use Vivoo effectively, download the app, set your wellness goal, select your activity level and dietary preferences, take the weekly at-home urine test, receive your wellness score and personalized advice, follow the tips and guides, and monitor your progress.

Where can I learn more about Vivoo?

You can learn more about Vivoo at or by checking their social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

How can I contact Vivoo?

You can email Vivoo at [email protected].

Do I need to have Vivoo urine strips to use the app?

Yes, you must have the Vivoo urine strips to use the app. You can order them from
This is app great because after you pee on the stick you get great advice on how or what to do to restore yourself to a healthy body. If your dehydrated it tells you what to drink, UTI tells you what to eat ...
Venita Durante
Wonderful to be able to monitor my own health this way!
Christine Pillsbury
Love this product! There were some issues with the app, but great customer services and the issues were fixed!
Amanda Kneale
As a crossfitter and a male in his late 20's I have a passion for maintaining a healthy, functionally fit body. I use Vivoo because it is an easy way to track and manage the metrics I can't track from the ou...
Kundayi Mugabe
I wasn't feeling well and it reflected in my wellness score, so it makes me think this is legit.
Vahag Byurat
Düzeltme: Param iade edildi, teşekkürler. Test yaptım, testi yapması ve uygulamayı kullanması çok kolay. Sonuçlar bilgilendirici. -----Ilk Yorum: Strip satın alırken 49 lira yazıyordu, son aşamada 22 dolara ...
Tugba Akan