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About Anchor!

Be alerted if your anchor drags with a simple yet full of features app : Easy to use - Late set - Dark mode support

5 ALARMS METHODS - enable the one or those you need:
Attention catching visual alarm with a blinking black/white screen (foreground only),
Acoustic with ringtone choice,
SMS emergency alert (premium)
Remote live monitoring (premium)
Mail alerts (premium)

Press the main button (anchor down) to set anchor position,
Touch the alarm circle on map to adjust alarm radius and you're ready.

Press the main button (anchor up) disables all alarms.

Main button to set anchor at your current position,
Choose a position on the map: relocate anchor with drag and drop.

Either set a value in settings,
Or adjust it directly by touching the alarm circle.

No add

SMS EMERGENCY ALERT (Premium): choose one or 2 phone numbers that should be alerted in case your anchor drags, set the alarm perimeter. SMS alerts can be quickly enabled when you go ashore and disabled when you get back. (*)
REMOTE MODE: check your position and get alerted on a second device.
MAIL ALERTS (Premium) : same as SMS alerts, but with an email. (**)

WORKS OFFLINE! You still see your boat position relative to the anchor, the anchor position and the alarm circle. Once offline the map is replaced by a graphic.

The boat track is recorded and a time-colored path is displayed on map. You can identify at first glance whether your anchor position is drifting or not.

Enable, disable and reset the track. Export it in CSV or GPX format.

Map scale in feet & meters.

User interface compatible with dark mode for night use.

Strictly respects your privacy: we do not use any of your personal information for any usage unrelated to anchor , ever.

legal notices:

(*) SMS alerts works with any generation of cellular network, your operator might charge the SMS. The number of SMS sent is limited to 1 every 5 minutes, with a maximum of 10 SMS (per phone number). Once the limit is reached, SMS alerts are disabled until you open the app and reenable them.
You can adjust the SMS limit from 1 to 10 per phone number.

(**) Remote mode and Mail alerts requires a data network, your operator data may charge for used data. The number of Mail sent is limited to 1 every 5 minutes, with a maximum of 30 SMS (per mail address). Once the limit is reached, Mail alerts are disabled until you open the app and reenable them.
You can adjust the Mail limit from 1 to 30 per phone number.

By using the app, you release Pomacanthus from any responsibility, unless required by applicable law. You acknowledge that the app might fail to alert you for many reasons, including but not limited to imprecise GPS, imprecise maps, battery empty, alerts inhibited by your Android settings, app paused or halted or inhibited by Android IA, app failure.

When the alarm is on, this app will use GPS - even in the background - to be able to alert you. Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life: don't forget your charger on board.

In addition to the applicable standard Terms and conditions, permission is not granted to use Anchor! to track someone without his dedicated and recent consent.

Provided maps are not nautical charts.