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About LunaSea – Self-Hosted Controller

LunaSea is a fully featured, open source self-hosted controller! Focused on giving you a seamless experience between all of your self-hosted media software, LunaSea supports:

- Lidarr
- Radarr
- Sonarr
- SABnzbd
- NZBGet
- Newznab Indexer Searching
- Wake on LAN
- Tautulli

LunaSea even comes with support for multiple instances of applications using profiles, backing up and restoring your configuration to your filesystem, an AMOLED black theme, and more!

> Please note that LunaSea is purely a remote control application, it does not offer any functionality without software installed on a server/computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is LunaSea?

LunaSea is a fully featured, open source self-hosted controller for managing various media software.

What media software does LunaSea support?

LunaSea supports Lidarr, Radarr, Sonarr, SABnzbd, NZBGet, Newznab Indexer Searching, Wake on LAN, and Tautulli.

What features does LunaSea offer?

LunaSea offers support for multiple instances of applications using profiles, backup and restore of configurations, an AMOLED black theme, and more.

What is the purpose of LunaSea?

LunaSea is a remote control application designed to seamlessly manage self-hosted media software.

Can LunaSea function independently?

No, LunaSea requires software installed on a server or computer to provide functionality.
Awesome app that is beautiful and super convenient for when I need to download films for my Film Class. It's great!
Shyam Bhagat
Awesome app. Thanks!
Brandt H
Great but please add the ability to configure multiple Sonarr/Radarr connections and name them individually. I run a few for various reasons but don't use lunasea anymore because of this. Thanks, I had no id...
Jacob Burgin
What a superb app! Only thing missing for me is Torrents, I use qbittorrent. I sure hope it gets implemented one day. Man this app is amazing and beautiful. Great work!
Dallas Resch
Such an amazing app, and even open source, great work dev ;)
Ricardo Christmann
Fantastic and easy to use app. The only app you need to manage your sonarr and radarr setup via mobile. I've tried other apps that do the same thing and I always come back to LunaSea uncomplicated and clean ...
John Smith