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About Jesi - NFT creator & explorer

# Jesi - Your gateway to the world of NFTs

Jesi is a fun, simple, and secure way to get started with crypto and explore the new world of Solana NFTs. You can use Jesi to create, purchase, manage, and display Solana-based NFT assets.

Great for newcomers and power users alike, Jesi allows you to be in total control of your Solana NFTs. Unlike a crypto exchange such as Coinbase, Jesi doesn't hold your assets on your behalf. You own them directly thanks to the power of cryptography and the Solana blockchain.

Quickly and easily create NFTs from any of your photos or videos. These are then minted on the Solana blockchain and can be sent to any Solana wallet or marketplace.

You can instantly send, receive, and trade assets from your crypto wallet whenever you want without having to worry that your funds might be held by a financial institution.

With Jesi, you will have...
# A Solana wallet:
Claim your own Solana wallet (held on the Solana blockchain) for free!
Send, receive $SOL to anybody worldwide
Add $SOL from partners such as FTX Pay and OnRamper
# Create NFTs
Create Solana NFTs quickly and easily from your phone. A world first!
Send your NFT creations directly to your wallet (on the Solana blockchain) or directly to any other wallet on Solana (such as Phantom, SolFlare and Sollet).
Share your NFTs with the world, with share links that work on Social media (such as Twitter).
NFTs are based on the Solana/Metaplex standard and work across all marketplaces (such as Solanart, Magic Eden, Digital Eyes and Metaplex stores)
# Explore NFTs
Browse and explore every wallet on the Solana blockchain.
View any NFT, including images and videos.
Easily share the ones you like.

# Events and more
Stay up to date with the latest NFT drops and projects.
Verify your Twitter account and be into win in our weekly NFT airdrops.

Jesi is an active member of the Solana community, with the goal of helping onboard the next 1B+ Web3 users. Come and join us!

Great work by the development team. It's an awesome tool with a lot of useful stuffs. It is also easy to use.
chell rubio