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About FreeRoam - Campgrounds, Boondocking & RV Parks

Helpful tools and a community for campers and boondockers, all for free!

Find the best campsites to stay at:
- Filter by cell signal, weather, safety, crowdedness and more
- US Public Land (BLM, USFS) and cell coverage map overlays
- Find nearby dump sites, fresh water, groceries, propane, cell towers, etc...
- View low clearance bridges and tunnels, for tall RVs
- Watch videos of others describing the campsites
- Review campsites and and add photos
- Offline support built-in

Find overnight parking locations:
- Search for Walmarts, Casinos and Rest Areas that allow overnight RV parking

Plan out your trip
- RV Trip planner that maps all planned (and past) stops
- Find campgrounds, Walmarts, etc... near your route
- See how much of a detour from your route each stop is
- Route around low clearances

Chat with other boondockers
- Meet new people and keep in touch with those you've met
- See other campers nearby (optional feature)

Find products
- Get information on helpful products for boondocking and camping

This is a new product and we want to make it as helpful as possible, combining features from multiple apps into one. Please let us know what you would like to see added or improved! We're inclusive of everyone - 5th wheel, vanlife, skoolie, motorhome, travel trailer, you name it :)

FreeRoam is built by FreeRoam Foundation, a non-profit focused on helping people enjoy nature in a respectful, sustainable way.

Looks great for the boondockers...
Paul Buehler
Phenomenal, attention to detail in every aspect in which I've looked into, has been spot-on. Excited to use it on our x-county!
Vinni G
So much info!!🚌
Leisa Crownpoint