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About Family5 - Activities, Goals and Parenting Tips

Better parents, happier kids! Undivided attention for the kids through fun and development boosting activities - in as little as 5 minutes a day! 100% free and without ads!

Family Five aims to improve the quality of today's busy family life. Parents and caretakers of kids aged 1 to 12 years old use will find inspiration for fun and development boosting activities, to do together, in the real world. They can also set goals for the family to create healthy new habits.

You will love spending meaningful time together in the real world. And even better, each of the activities contribute to the development of one or more of the 21st century most important cognitive and non-cognitive skills, such as: Creativity, Leadership, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Perspective Taking. This way, spending quality time with your kids is not only fun, it may also improve their life outcome.

Some of the key features of the app:
- 600+ Fun and Development Boosting Activities to do with your family in the real world
- 100+ Goals to help develop Healthy Habits and Behavior
- 50+ Expert suggestions on how to handle common challenging family Situations
- Access for you, your partner and other caretakers, all in one account
- Personalized daily push notifications at the days and times most convenient for you
- Monthly tracking of over 40 cognitive and non-cognitive development areas linked to the activities
- Insightful information on key development areas of your children (and yourself)

Family Five is the practical parenting companion for young parents who don't have time to read a dozen books and magazines or browse hundreds of blogs and social media groups to find what they need.

We would love to hear from you so please drop us a line at [email protected]

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I download this app to help with my children and I am very impress with the wealth of knowledge and activities I find here.
Devene Smith
PARENTS READ... I have a (boy) 20 month old toddler, and a (girl) 5 months old. I struggle with the no's, the sleep in your bed, the its bed time, please eat, and the DONT DO THATS. After watching a million ...
Stephanie Davis Marcum
Its simple and very effective.. gives u right information and helps u understand ur child better scientifically. Thats really good. I loved the app. Besides the activities have really helped my family connec...
asma khan