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About Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Stickerz is your new favorite Sticker Maker for WhatsApp. Want to make stickers? Then look no further! Stickerz sticker maker for WhatsApp is here to help you make free personal stickers for WhatsApp with different designs, fonts, sizes, and colors!

Make your personal stickers for WhatsApp! Create photo stickers, text stickers, anime stickers, and emoji stickers from scratch. Need more? Explore over 70 free sticker packs with tons of stickers to use: stickers of your favorite celebrities, animal stickers, and so much more!

How to make WhatsApp stickers from photos:
1️⃣ Simply choose a photo from your gallery - take a selfie, a friend’s photo or a funny picture of your beloved cat to create photo stickers
2️⃣ Crop photos or еrase background from pictures with our free manual crop feature. You will automatically get a cut out with a transparent background
3️⃣ Add stylish text to your stickers - customize the size, the fonts, and the colors
4️⃣ Outline with a border - play with the color and width
5️⃣ Decorate your stickers with emojis - our sticker maker has so many emojis to choose from. Want to make your meme stickers more fun? Simply add cool sunglasses to your cat stickers!
6️⃣ Now that your stickers are ready, add them to Whatsapp with one tap and use them to make your WhatsApp chats more fun.

Experiment with Stickerz Sticker Maker for WhatsApp to get your perfect stickers. Choose colors, fonts, add stylish texts to photos, crop pics, and photos, flip them, remove background, and have fun! Make cool stickers and sticker packs for WhatsApp and share them with friends.

✂️ Create stickers from scratch
Simply select an emoji of your choice and add text or funny decorations, customize the size, the fonts, and the color – use the full range of Stickerz’s functionality.

💬Create text stickers
Write down a wish or a quote and play around with it - select different fonts, colors, and sizes. Let people know you’ve made text stickers special for them. Wish a happy birthday or send romantic text stickers to show your love!

😂Sticker Packs
If you’re looking for a personal sticker pack, we have your back! With our sticker maker, you can create sticker packs for WhatsApp and add up to 30 stickers for free. Turn your friends’ photos into meme stickers for cool insider jokes that only the two of you can understand. Or take funny images from your favorite show and create a pack!

🐱Explore Stickers
Want a lot of ready-to-use WhatsApp stickers? We’ve got tons of top stickers just for you. Browse our rich collection of WhatsApp Sticker packs and add them to WhatsApp with one click.

Stickerz Sticker Maker for WhatsApp is compatible with new WhatsApp stickers - WAStickerApps (WAStickers). You can either add stickers to WhatsApp or browse them in the WhatsApp sticker store directly.

With Stickerz:
* You can make stickers for WhatsApp such as photo stickers, emoji stickers, meme stickers, and anime stickers. You can make stickers from scratch or crop photos from your gallery.
* The app allows users to flip photos, add and erase background, add text, customize the size, fonts, and colors, add borders, and much more!
* We have a lot of photo-, emoji- and meme stickers. Explore our WhatsApp sticker store for a better experience and check out our special top stickers.

👇Why choose our app?
Stickerz is a free and user-friendly sticker maker for WhatsApp, with quality stickers, memes, and emojis and an eye-pleasing user interface. At Stickerz we do our best to continuously improve your WhatsApp experience and help you stay in touch with friends and family in a fun and engaging way! Our updated functionality will allow you to make your own WhatsApp stickers seamlessly.

Stickerz Sticker Maker & WAStickerApps - is not affiliated with WhatsApp. It is a WAStickerApps that allows users to create WhatsApp stickers.

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User friendly, beautifl, good app. Very convenient. Thank you guys.
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The best
Sergey Ghazaryan
Say how lah my name is darling ok Bye .
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