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About Dog Training & Clicker App by Dogo

Get Dogo’s 100+ exercises, tricks, fun games, longer training programs, and personal feedback from dog trainers!

What makes Dogo unique?

Built-in clicker
Clicker is a sound signal to mark a behavior and precise moment for which your doggo is rewarded. A clicker reduces training time by about 40%. Clicker sounds like a whistle has an advantage that the sound it emits is specific and the whistle will most likely be heard only during the puppy training. Your dog is hearing-impaired? Don’t worry, use the flashlight option instead of clicker while training your deaf pup.

100+ tricks
Not sure what to teach your dog? Get inspired by Dogo and check our library of 100+ tricks and commands. From basic obedience commands such as Name, Sit, Down, Recall, Potty training to more advanced like Spin, Heel, Sit & Stay or Fetch the leash.

Video Exams
After mastering a trick, send a video exam to our dog trainers directly through the app and get feedback on your pup’s performance! Dogo trainers will review your exam within 24 hours.

Professional dog trainers
Are you struggling with potty training, crate training, unwanted jumping, reactiveness to other dogs, excessive barking, digging or other behavioral issues? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Good examples
You are teaching your puppr a trick but you are not sure how it should look like? Check Good examples to see how other Dogo students perform the trick that you are currently learning.

Photo challenges
Every week there is a new challenge theme. Show how well your puppy is trained and share your creative photos with the Dogo community.

It is never too early to start training your overly energetic puppy. It is never too late to provide mentally stimulating exercises. Young or old, from potty training a puppy to online training an adult dog. Take a personalized test during onboarding and let us recommend a perfect training program tailored to your needs.

Dogo offers 5 training programs:

New dog
Are you a new puppy parent? Your puppy bites and chews everything around them? The puppy plays too roughly? Or maybe you need tips for potty training a puppy? Don’t wait until your puppr develops a personality of a restless devil - teach them obedience commands in a stress-free way with Dogo. In 4 weeks your puppy will master 42 tricks, among others: Sit, Down, Come, Lay down, Walk on a leash, Crate training, Potty training, how to use a Clicker.

Basic Obedience
Your dog doesn’t come when called, excessively barks or jumps at you? They pull on a leash every time you take a walk? Before signing your pup into a professional dog training course, try out the Basic Obedience program and train your doggo to listen to you. In 3 weeks, your pooch will learn 25 daily-life skills, among others: Clicker training, Name, Sit, Down and Put on a leash, Heel.

Stay Active
Dogs need regular physical exercise. Training dynamic movements help stretch your dog’s muscles and strengthen their core. In this course, you will teach your doggy how to Spin, Weave or Jump Over, Crawl and even do Push-ups! If your pooch loves agility, they will enjoy this training.

Strengthen your friendship
Do you want to have a happy friendship with your puppy? Choose this 2 weeks-long fun course, full of cute, impressive tricks, such as High-five, Give a paw, Rollover, Peekaboo. It helps puppies discover and explore life as well as it keeps older dogs in a good mental condition for as long as possible.

Little helper
Have you ever thought of training your puppy to become your service dog? Your dog will learn how to fully focus on your and, among others, how to open and close the doors, fetch the leash or clean up.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dogo?

Dogo is an app for dog training that offers over 100 exercises, tricks, games, and personalized feedback from dog trainers.

What is a clicker in Dogo?

A clicker is a sound signal used in Dogo to mark a behavior and reward your dog at the precise moment. It reduces training time and can be replaced by a flashlight option for hearing-impaired dogs.

What can I learn from Dogo?

With Dogo, you can learn over 100 tricks and commands, from basic obedience to more advanced skills like spin or fetch the leash.

How can I get feedback on my dog's performance?

After mastering a trick, you can send a video exam to Dogo's trainers through the app and receive feedback within 24 hours.

Can Dogo help with behavioral issues?

Yes, Dogo has professional dog trainers who can help with potty training, crate training, jumping, reactiveness, excessive barking, digging, and other behavioral issues.

Where can I find examples of tricks performed by other Dogo students?

You can check the "Good examples" section in the app to see how other Dogo students perform the trick you are learning.

What are photo challenges in Dogo?

Dogo organizes weekly photo challenges where you can showcase your well-trained puppy and share creative photos with the Dogo community.

What training programs does Dogo offer?

Dogo offers 5 training programs: New dog, Basic Obedience, Stay Active, Strengthen your friendship, and Little helper.

What can I expect from the New dog training program?

The New dog program is perfect for new puppy parents and focuses on teaching obedience commands, such as sit, down, come, walk on a leash, and crate training, among others.

How long does the Basic Obedience program last?

The Basic Obedience program is a 3-week course that helps train your dog to listen to you and learn daily-life skills like clicker training, name, sit, down, and leash training.

What does the Stay Active program involve?

The Stay Active program focuses on training dynamic movements to stretch your dog's muscles and strengthen their core. Your dog will learn skills like spinning, weaving, jumping over, crawling, and doing push-ups.

What is the purpose of the Strengthen your friendship program?

The Strengthen your friendship program is a 2-week fun course that helps build a happy friendship with your puppy through cute and impressive tricks like high-five, give a paw, rollover, and peekaboo.

Can Dogo help train my puppy to become a service dog?

Yes, Dogo's Little helper program can teach your puppy to become a service dog, including skills like focus training, opening and closing doors, fetching the leash, and cleaning up.
This app is great for training your dog and sharing pictures of them with others. It's so easy to use and I recommend it. I think you should be able to create your own profile page with how many followers an...
Thea Shields
It's so easy to use and trained my dog well
My Daily Life
I love it Llll
stream Gamer
It's very helpful
jebaraj vijeyakumar
Amazing!!!, It Works really well with all my dogs!
This app is so fun! We just got a new puppy and we are using it daily. Downloaded a few others to try, but this was our favorite.
Tiffany Davis