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About Blokky: create mosaic puzzle games. Bricks art

Blokky app is a perfect calm mosaic with nice graphics for adults and children. That’s drag drop blocks game to train your 3d brain capabilities. Just enjoy pixel art — our IQ puzzle is suitable for boys and girls, teens and adults. Mosaic colouring is fine way to relax. In our block puzzle game, you collect funny color 3 d arts: weapons, cool cars, anime pictures and more. 3d puzzles are ideal for school and university students, adults — people of any age. Our puzzling games are completely free. Mosaic color is a new way of drawing. In our block puzzle game, you put together an image from bright colored pixels. Collecting brick art helps you to make your brain stronger and increase its performance!

Blokky calm mosaic app is perfect entertainment for:
– Schoolchildren. 3d puzzles help kids to develop observation and perseverance.
– Students. Mosaic colouring is a great game for relaxation after a long class.
– Adults. Cool and cute pixel puzzle allows you to relax after a hard day's work.

Bored of mute drag drop blocks games? Our block puzzle boasts excellent ASMR sound, and every pixel splicing is accompanied by a soft vibration. Our mosaico colouring has an anti-stress effect. You relax without stopping enjoying Blokky!
Blokky is not like ordinary puzzle games, a color-by-number colorings or mosaic. 3d puzzles are new, really interesting way to have fun. We have created cool and funny free mosaic puzzle pictures — and we offer you to assemble not a flat, but a multi-layer mosaic.

This block puzzle is a kind of constructor that helps you to fully unleash your creativity. Our app is a fascinating and soothing activity for adults and children; try it yourself!

To collect an image, drag drop blocks from the bottom of the touchscreen and place them on the playing field. Free mosaic puzzles would help you to express yourself — and the tips will not let you get confused! Art colouring will be assembled from scratch — and will certainly delight you with beauty and originality! The finished pixel puzzle can be sent to friends via the messenger — let them know who is the best at puzzle games!

Our calm mosaic for adults is fun and exciting. Choose the original picture — and in a few minutes you will have an attractive finished art colouring! In Blokky app you will find the following 3d puzzles:
– Cute and funny block puzzle: animals, fruits, plants.
– Harsh mosaico blocks pictures: superhero weapons, cool cars, comic book heroes.
– Popular art colouring: characters from your favorite anime, movies, cartoons and animated series.

To make pixel puzzle as pleasant and unobtrusive as possible, we made the application fully customizable. In Settings you can turn on and off music and vibration — solve the puzzle in the way you’d like!

Collected art colouring and it turned out to be great? Blokky allows you to save picture to the gallery of your smartphone or tablet — for example, to set as wallpaper. The image can be sent to friends or published on social networks. Show others what you are capable of — the competition for who is the best starts right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Blokky?

Blokky is a mosaic puzzle game app that allows you to create pixel art by dragging and dropping blocks. It is suitable for both adults and children.

What age group is Blokky suitable for?

Blokky is suitable for schoolchildren, students, and adults of any age.

What benefits does Blokky offer for children?

Blokky helps children develop observation and perseverance skills through its 3D puzzles.

Is Blokky a relaxing game?

Yes, Blokky is a calming and relaxing game, especially suitable for adults to unwind after a long day.

Can I customize the settings in Blokky?

Yes, you can customize the settings in Blokky, including turning on/off music and vibration according to your preference.

Can I save and share the completed pixel puzzles in Blokky?

Yes, Blokky allows you to save the completed pictures to your device's gallery and share them with friends or on social networks.
Nice and easy!
Debbie Nedeau
Needs where you can start from the beginning if you have a lot of blocks built / put together and needs achievements alot
Austin Page
Cool app!
Денис Нуждов